Welcome Inside DICE

Battlefield Blog - "We are happy to present the brand new “Inside DICE” series! This is where all of our fans will get candid and personal reflections directly from the people working with Battlefield 3™ and our expansion packs and updates. First out is DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson, revealing his thoughts on community transparency and on returning to GDC one year after the big Battlefield 3 presentation."

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Starbucks_Fan2542d ago

Well finally they do something like this.

Hufandpuf2542d ago

I'm looking forward to some more info on patches, also the next expansion should be big if they're waiting till GDC to show it.

nutcrackr2542d ago

finally some dlc information this week

Dojan1232542d ago

They could have patched by now. Why wait to patch with DLC?

Hufandpuf2542d ago

It costs too much to do hotfixes on consoles. Developers gave to paySony or MS to host their patch. Also it takes up to weeks to actually get the patches cleared for DL.

Dojan1232542d ago

Understand. I think it is $40K.
However, they have lost a number of potential fans who will not buy DLC now. More than 40K.

Plus, PC is on EA's Origin. I understand they do not want to show "love" to just the PC but they could test out the tweeks before consoles to make sure they get it right the first time.