Forbes: Here's Why Hawken Is Going To Change Free-To-Play Gaming

Forbes writes, "In development at Adhesive Games, HAWKEN is set to change the concept (and quality) of free-to-play gaming when it launches 12/12/12."

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ATi_Elite2542d ago

Hawken is just a part of a growing trend to make AAA quality F2P games!

First up is Blacklight Retribution which uses DX11!! Even before BR F2p games were improving in quality to the point that it's hard to believe they are free (although you end up spending money in the game store)!

Nothing but good times ahead for PC Gamers in the F2P market.

StayStatic2541d ago

Agreed the two games you mentioned looked great.

Also really enjoying the Tribes Ascend beta , another promising F2P FPS.

2012 looking great for the PC platform :)

Knight_Cid2541d ago

eh seems boring and the gameplay seems generic

-MD-2541d ago

The keyword here is 'seems'.

Give something a proper try before writing it off.

ATi_Elite2541d ago

Yet your hammering away at CODMW3 right now!

Hawken is very fresh!