For the Chinese, Wiis are plentiful this season

CrunchGear, by Wayne Ma, December 25th, 2007:

Beijing - China might lack safe water and air, but it does have something the United States lacks: Nintendo Wiis.

CNET recently chronicled a reporter's failed quest to find the infamous Wii just before the holidays. But in Beijing, finding a Wii isn't difficult.

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MikeJonesOK4041d ago

because they are all buy Viis! YES VIIS! LOL Chinese don't like Japan so much.

Jdash244041d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing

KidMakeshift4040d ago

I'm still waiting for the Xwok 3 fitty

killax35634040d ago

Japan needs to invade China again. Teach them a lesson for all the Chinese piracy going on. Finish the Chinese off.

AAACE54041d ago

That explains the shortage!!!

Just kidding... I got a Wii at home that almost never gets turned!

Every now and then me and the Wii sit and look at eachother for a few minutes... But then I go play the 360!

One day I will sit down and play the Wii..................I think!

SuperSaiyan44041d ago

Anyone want to trade for a new 880GT 512mb card or a used 8800GTX?

Tarmgar4040d ago

Dude, sell that on eBay for over $2,000 easily to stupid parents.

PopEmUp4040d ago

they should make an x-bot 360 and a new redesign PS3 maybe called a PSM or something that gonna be awesome

wiizy4040d ago

thats great.. at the middle of 2008.. wii should be up on xbox360 by 4 million.... and i wont mention that joke ps3.. nintendo just produce enough systems

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