Persona 4 Arena Brawling to PS3 This Summer

One of the most successful, highest-rated RPG franchises of the last few years is our very own Persona series. The two most recent games, Persona 3 and Persona 4, were hailed for their memorable casts of characters, plots that defied many established clichés, and mechanics and visual designs that stood apart from their competitors.
Collaborating with fighting genre masters Arc System Works (the folks who made a little series called BlazBlue), ATLUS is taking the Persona universe, complete with its added “summon your inner power” wrinkle, and transforming it into one of the most unique, visually stunning fighting games you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Or whatever part of your body you lay on things.

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jacksonmichael2546d ago

Awesome. Hopefully this is just the start of this collaboration with Arc and Atlus. Raidou in a fighting game? That'd be killer.

Dante1122545d ago

Nice, can't wait for this.

Simon_Brezhnev2545d ago

Good im glad its finally coming out. Im dropping Blazblue series atm been playing it for 3 years now its time for a new fighter.

You know reviewers are going to mark it low for having 10-11 fighters. Anybody who has played Arc games knows nobody plays alike in the roster. No offence but if your good with Ryu your decent with Ken, Akuma, and the other character with the same moves.

Rolento2545d ago

BlazBlue devs making this game makes it a miss. Not worth playing (especially when 1 character has a special that can 1 hit kill you if you get caught in it even if you have full health).

Hicken2545d ago

I'm guessing that means you're not a fan of Guilty Gear, Battle Fantasia, or anything else Arc System Works has done.

And 1-hit KO attacks are nothing new. As always, certain conditions must be met prior to that move being usable, and you still have to hit someone with it, so it's even less likely to show up than an Astral Heat.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. I'll have to preorder it tomorrow, assuming it's in our systems at work already. Hell, I don't even like fighting games that much. But ATLUS+Arcsys+Persona=must-buy for me.