Fallout 3: The Most Anticipated RPG / FPS There Is

GamePlayer writes:
"Indeed, Fallout 3's been the biggest blip on our radar for about two years, since the Bethesda boys stopped working on Oblivion. We won't get it until 2008, but we're seriously looking forward to the collision."

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TANOD4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

FF13 is the biggest game of this era

FF13 will be the RPG of all time

FALLOUT 2 beats FF13????????????????



there is no RPG other than FF .

Fallout 2 averages at 86% on GR . Fallout 3 might even perform like that or fare worse.

MK ---what is happening to you

FF13 has next gen graphics and gameplay. Fallout will be severly degraded since it is a multiplat title

MK_Red4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

FF13 is great and highly anticipated but:
A. This is the most anticipated RPG / "FPS" there is. Mind the FPS part.
B. Of course Fallout is more anticipated than FF. FF has had 12 games and endless spin-offs while being a great series mainly for it's story and themes.
Fallout has had 2 main games and 2 spin-offs but the 2 main games are considered to be among top 5 best RPGs ever created from their deep character development system that is undisputed to this day to game's unique classical gameplay.
Plus, it's from Bethesda that made the biggest RPG of this gen, namely Oblivion.

If average score on GR is important, they why StarCraft is at 88% while it's considered the best strategy game of all time?

TANOD4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

gameplayer cant invent a new genre . It is just not logical.

Fallout is not evn among the top 10 games of 2008.

dont invent things by your own

Yes it COULD BE ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED NEW IPs of 2008 ---but it should be on any list

among best 5 rpgs?

FF7 is the best RPG of all time. all of FF sequels fight for top spot.

There is nothing on earth that can even rival FF


It doesnt matter.

the game comes out on PC as well as PS3

However very few people would be buying it especially when there is FF13 ---the biggest game of this era

MK_Red4041d ago

Read my post to scrillakiller:
Fallout = (Sequel to one of top 5 best RPGs ever) + (Bethesda / Developer of Oblivion) + (All the awards at E3) = Most Anticipated RPG

Also, it's among top 10 most anticipated games of 2007 according to every major site and magazine.\
And don't forget, it's not a new IP. It's a sequel to a game that is among top 5 best RPGs of all time.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

TANOD just hates this game because the 360 is the lead platform.

P.S. TANOD do you just fallow MK_Red around? FF and MGS4 is that all you think about, what happens when those games come out? where you going to go then? They don't pump FF and MGS games out each year like Tom Clancy games. "FF13 and MGS 4 are the biggest and most anticipated games of this era" haha thats sooooo true (not) stop useing drugs.

moses4041d ago

Believe me, I've wasted quite a bit of my life playing JRPG's some pretty good, others repetetive pieces of crap, and so far they pretty much all have the same damn game play. These new western rpgs try poking into different elements of gameplay and discover something out of the box which ends up being amazingly fun, I mean, look at stalker, amazing gameplay if you bothered to play it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4041d ago

Microsoft thanks you for your purchase of Windows to play this game on PC :-)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )


Mk_Red means that it is the most anticipated because major developers which made amazing games are working on it. It doesn't mean it will be the best or anything, just that people are looking forward to it. In other words its just being hyped. And truthfully I think Star Ocean would rival Final Fantasy, good thing both are coming to ps3. :)

4041d ago
The Snake4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Anyone who has ever played Fallout 1 or 2 knows that anyone who underestimates the franchise not only doesn't know what they are talking about, but also making themselves out to be a fool. This game franchise is widely considered the pinnacle of the WRPG genre, and for good reason. Claiming that the FF series could somehow be better when you have never played Fallout is like claiming Ridge Racer is better than Gran Turismo when you have never even played GT.

PS the irony of Tanod calling anyone else delusional is nothing short of absolutely mindblowing.

MK_Red4041d ago

A superb comment The Snake. Bubbles for you my friend. Great points and example (Ridge Racer and GT). And better than all, an undenniably true and perfect line:
"This game franchise is widely considered the pinnacle of the WRPG".

AngryTypingGuy4041d ago

"FALLOUT 2 beats FF13????????????????"


mikeslemonade4040d ago

Stop using the argument that since developer made a great game before therefore Fallout 3 will be the best. Bioware made great RPGs and Mass Effect doesn't live up to the hype. There is more hype for FFXIII. Aside from PC guys even 360 guys are jealous that FFXIII is exclusive for PS3. I bet if there was a poll for a 360 gamer to have either FFXIII or Fallout 3, the 360 gamer will vote for FFXIII because of the "hype". I'm not saying which is the better game. I'm talking about hype.

InMyOpinion4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago ) scores:

R&C:Tools of Destruction PS3 89.0%
Uncharted Drakes Fortune PS3 89.9%
Folklore PS3 76.5%
Heavenly Sword PS3 81%
MotorStorm PS3 82.5%
Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 86.9%

BioShock X360 95.3%
Gears of War X360 93.8%
Halo 3 X360 93.3%
Mass Effect X360 91.8%
Forza Motorsport 2 X360 90%

What did you say, TANOD?

The Dark Knight4040d ago

F*ck ff 13, stupid asian crap, whens it going to end, ff 120

give me a break

i Shank u4040d ago

why cant you give it a freaking rest, you argue over videogames like you'll die if you don't.

fredy4040d ago

Wehn I look at this game I don't even puut it in the Jrpg game type. Yes still an RPG but it's nothing like a Final Fantasy type game.

This will be a great game, you'll see. The devs are top notch.

FF13 won' t be out in 2008, who wants to put money on that. If were looking at a Xmas 2008 window for NA when do you think EU and othe rparts will get it? It took like ayear to release FF12 here in the state.

Anyhow this is anitipated, as well as FF but not the environment.

AngryTypingGuy4040d ago

@Mikeslemonade - "Bioware made great RPGs and Mass Effect doesn't live up to the hype." Sure it does. Mass Effect is one of, if not the best game this year. It has a few things to improve upon, but it is truly an awesome game. The only reason you said that it doesn't live up to the hype is because it's not on PS3.

HarryEtTubMan4040d ago

MK Red is just a fanboy(check his avatar). Yea Fallout MIGHT be consdered the most anticipated RPG/"FPS" of 2008 but to say the 3rd best selling and most valuable franchise of all time.... is even in competition with Fallout.. a game I had never heard of until the 3rd one... and no one really even knows or cares about yet. There is no reason to argue. YOU CAN LIE. But is very well known that Final Fantasy 13 and VS. are the biggest RPG's in the world being released practically this whole generation... not just in 2008. I am EXTREMELY excited for Fallout 3 also. Some of you guys are so bitter towards the PS3 you just lie. And you,yourself KNOW you will be buying one in 1-3 years.

And to even consider Fallout as " a sequel to one of the top 5 RPG's ever" is HIGHLY FANBOYISH. No one even knows what fallout is... or what the stroys about. Stop lieing. Final Fantasy is BIG NUMBER 3 ALL TIME BABY. Gran Turimso is BIG NUMBER 10 ALL TIME BABY. You can lie or just not agree... but it is fact.... and the million who will be buygin FF13 also disagree with you ;)

Genuine4040d ago

You hate everything in the western hemisphere and you adore Japan. We get it, give it a rest already. Jeez, do us all a favor and just go live there.

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MK_Red4041d ago

Hopefully with a super strong E3 showing, Fallout 3 becomes THE most anticipated game there is (As it is for me).

Nicosia4041d ago

Everytime i see this game, it gives me the bioshock effect (I thought bioshock was a decent game when i saw it annouced..but oww boy did it rock when i played it). Hopefully my gut feeling is right, and this might be a classic.

TANOD4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

FF13 and MGS 4 are the biggest and most anticipated games of this era.

FALLOUT 3 will sell like 1 copy in EU /JAPAN and might even bomb in NA

no one is looking forward to this game.

FF13 is totally different from previous renditions since for the first time FF will feature a FULL FLEDGED NEXT GEN GAMEPLAY


all anticipation of any game just fades away when there is FF13 and MGS4

any hype for any game is being killed by those 2.

I agree Fable 2/Killzone 2 might rekindle their own hype but certainly everything will be washed away by the invincible FF13/MGS4

No game of this era could counter those 2

MK_Red4041d ago

Nicosia, BioShock was actually partially inspired by universe of Fallout and it payed homage to Fallout in a couple of ways, from using same some music tracks to using Fallout's icon and symbols. The devs have also confessed that Fallout was a one of the biggest influences on BioShock.
Plus, Bethesda of Oblivion fame working on sequel to Fallout (One of the best game of all time according to GameSpot, IGN, GameInformer, CVG and others), it HAS to be a classic (I hope and pray :) ).

TANOD, it may indeed sell not too well but sales were never show of anticipation or quality. Look at Shadow of Colossus, a highly anticipated PS2 game that ended up a truely timeless classic but sold very few copies. Another example is Wii's highly anticipated Suda 51 game, No More Heroes which bombed at least in Japan.

As for no one anticipating Fallout 3, how do you explain Bethesda's servers going down because of traffic pressure when they put Fallout 3's teaser online? (Something that only happend to RockStar when they released GTA4 trailer).
Also, did you see best games of E3 award winners according to GameSpy, GameSpot, IGN, Game Informer and others? Fallout was Game of the E3 nominee along with best RPG winner in most.

Nicosia4041d ago

Thanks for clearing that up MK, now this game is officially on my most wanted list :). If the vibe is bioshock style then i am happy! Also Bethesda working on it, bonifide awsomeness!

MK_Red4041d ago

Glad to hear :)
Bonifide awsomeness indeed! (Though I wish the original Fallout 1 / 2 team had made Fallout 3 but still, Bethesda is also uber great. I didn't love Oblivion as much as Morrowind but hopefully Fallout 3 ends up better than both of them.)

Genuine4040d ago

I am really looking forward to Fallout 3. If it is even close to being as open ended and deep as Oblivion, I will be very happy.

The 360 is doing a really good job in the RPG genre. There has been atleast one truly epic RPG every year since its launch, along with several other pretty decent RPG's.

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scrillakiller4041d ago

somehow i missed not anticipating this just waiting to see what its about

MK_Red4041d ago

It's the sequel to Fallout 2. Fallout 1 and 2are among top 10 best RPGs of all time according to all known sites and magazines. Among many classic and old school RPG players, Fallout 1 & 2 along with Baldur's Gate 2 are considered THE best RPGs ever created.

Also, this sequel is being made by the team that made Daggerfall, Morrowind and most recently, Oblivion.

Not to mention that during last E3 (2007), Fallout 3 was nominated for Game of the E3 / Show by all sites and mags and the game was only 10 percent complete and 1 year and 8 months before it's release. Not mention how it won almost every best RPG of the E3 as well.

Sequel to one of top 5 best RPGs ever + Bethesda / Developer of Oblivion + All the awards at E3 = Most Anticipated RPG there is :)

TANOD4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

what are you saying

Falloout 2 averages at 86% on GR and was refuted by all websites and mags


it is not even among the top 20 best RPGS/JRPGs

MC and GR reviews dont matter much eg GR takes into account most of the reviews of pro-x360 sites so GR score for most x360 games are actually higher.

Well no review/recommendation is actually valid /strong against the biggest RPG/GAME in GENERAL of this era --FF13

i am willing to buy Fallout 3---looks great

However i am hyped for FF13 cuz that is unmatchable in terms of gameplay and graphics

MK_Red4041d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

MetaScore / Average score has never been a show of quality. Just check StarCraft:

It's at 88/100 but it's THE best strategy game of all time. Ask any RTS player and they'll tell you it's THE best in the genre. So 88 means it's not the best?

Also, as for the bests or not, check IGN's list, GameSpot's list, CVG's list (In which Fallout was 5th or 7th best PC game of ALL time in general) and other sites.

EDIT: @ Charlie2688
I know what you mean and see how TES series has changed. Bethesda has changed a lot and has made mistakes but I still have faith in them (Though there is no way on earth I'd trade Black Isle and devs of original with any of Beth people).

And Oblivion is indeed nothing but a shodow comprated to something like Daggerfall (Even though my fave TES is Morrowind). I'm not defending Oblivion, just using it to show how F3 can be so highly anticipated. Still, I know what you mean, they have simplified the TES in every sequel. Daggerfall was THE classic as were Fallout 1 and 2. I'm more than sure that Fallout 3 won't come near those classics but hey, what other game has?

ben hates you4041d ago

grow up, not everyone likes FF, I'm not even going to buy it, i dislike jrpgs, i like games like uncharted or mass effect more western games, but we don't all think like you(thank god)

TANOD4041d ago

everyone except a few likes FF

It doesnt matter whether you like it or not BUT IT WOULD be smashing several records this time

FF13 is the biggest and the most anticipated game of THIS ERA

OOG FunK4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

psssht lol FF most anticipated game of this era.....bahaha lmao....ummm hardly

Hell Halo has taken that crown for a bit...jus because of the retarded hype machine it had for part 2 and 3....but anyway past that....

Yes people do lkie their FF but it is hardly the biggest game around....There are franchises such as Gran Turismo and GTA that sell more copies and are usually more anticipated then your FF sorry but when you have made so many damn games using the same name....I think there is time for a change......Personally I hate FF games....cuz I prefer games that take skill not and over glorified cg movie....well in my eyes thats what it is like...jus not my taste.....

Even though it is not a game I like I can still gaurantee you this game is not the most anticipated game....yea people want to see it like MGS and GTA are being way more anticipated then your "precious" lol ....meh o well whatevs lol

* my bad ill give it maybe one of the most anticipated games in say Japan...but do we live think so lolg

Charlie26884041d ago

@MK_Red: I don't think putting Bethesda in an equation that equals good or "quality" is a good thing taking into consideration what they did to the Elder Scroll series over the years and what they are slowly doing to the Fallout franchise ("to hell with the old make it a FPS!")

And NO people buying Oblivion cuz for all those nice scores or/and how if you struggled in RPGs this one you were magically good at doesn't make it a good game even more if you bother to compare it to previous game of the series and realize that with each new game you get prettier graphics, bigger world but in exchange of having pretty much everything else chopped out, simplified or completely removed

that is why Oblivion is but a shadow of what the masterpiece Daggerfall was

if you don't belive or simply what to defend Oblivion for ANY arbitrary reason go and play Daggerfall and I bet you will be saying "Damn why didn't they made this one with the Oblivion engine"

PlayStation3604039d ago

I must disagree bro. Now I never played Fallout 1 or 2, and I'm not too much into the Fallout 3 hype. But saying Fallout 2 is not good because of the GR score is like saying a game with below a 90% score is not AAA. Both comments are not accurate.

BTW: I too am excited about FFXIII, but that does not mean I'm going to miss out on other great games because of it.

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felman874041d ago

it's been too long since the last fallout

Skerj4041d ago

This game is going to roooooooock. It will truly be my Oblivion, since I detest western/euro/medieval fantasy. 2008 is going to be the best year for games man and this is the truth.