So far, so good: Why the Vita rises where the PSP fell

The PSP's greatest strength also proved to be one of its biggest downfalls -- it was just too expensive to develop for a handheld with ostensibly modern graphics. So while the launch line-up was solid enough, new PSP games arrived at a trickle compared to the flood of new Nintendo DS games that same year. In 2005 alone, the Nintendo DS had heavy hitters like Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! -- games that would help define the system's library for years to come.

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Knight_Cid2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

this article is ridiculous

The psp had a much better library than the vita at the same point. Not to mention in the entire gen only the ds had a better library

8+ legend of heroes.........are you kidding me?

3 gta games ( 2 original)

4+ original metal gears

are you kidding?

The insulting the psp to make the vita look good is childish and pathetic

IRetrouk2545d ago

dude calm down, the vita deff had a better launch, both are really good handhelds, the vita is a step up from the psp, well more like a massive jump.

Knight_Cid2545d ago

the vita definitely did not have a better launch, hence why the psp is creaming it in sales even today

If anything its a massive step down from the psp's incredible original library

SilentNegotiator2544d ago

News flash, Cid;

3DS was getting "creamed" (2 to 1, I might add) by the DS for a while, too. And PSP was outselling it as well.

Nice try, though.

As for PSP having a better library 2 months in compared to're full of it.

Knight_Cid2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


news flash

Let me educate you. The lowest the 3ds has ever been in japan was second place. The highest the vita has ever been is 4th.

The 3ds was never getting creamed

Nice try, though.

As for PSP having a better library 2 months in compared to're full of it.

@ virtual

more isnt better, which is all that article says

The psp is still kicking quite nicely. Even after all this time. Especially japan. But in the states gungir, growlanser IV, grand knight history would probably top any most wanted games list

BubloZX2544d ago

Lol Japan is only the 3th-4th largest gaming market. One week of vita sales in the US creamed the 3DS' Japanese sales. The PS vita in Europe creamed the 3DS in both territories. The PSP sales as slowly falling every where else except Japan who actually buy games for it. The PSP had an epic library but most of those games never made it off Japanese shores.

Elemental_2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

actually in terms of revenue its second

And I dont know what numbers your looking at. But pretty much everything you say is either false or irrelevant

For the most popular systems of the gen. Like the psp, alot of games never get localized.

It isnt a con, just a fact

SilentNegotiator2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

So let me get this straight....

Getting outsold 2:1 isn't "getting creamed" by it's predecessor if it's the (3)DS, but it is if Vita's predecessor does?

If you say so. You're obviously not trolling....

Hicken2544d ago

Why do you try so hard at every turn to discredit the Vita?

Nevermind the rest of your silliness. I just want to know what you have against a system you supposedly own(going so far as to have allegedly imported one), but never say ANYTHING from personal experience. It's completely incomprehensible that you've spent about $500 (since you said you bought one after release, too, right?) on TWO of the things, yet you have NOT ONE positive thing to say about it.

I honestly wish you would just leave all Vita-related articles alone, as I've grown tired of seeing your rather sad attempts at putting down a system you don't seem to have any real interest in.

Elemental_2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )


maybe you havent learned this in school yet but theres alittle thing called context.

The 3ds broke all kinds of launch records when it launched. Afterwards It was either in first or second place every week in japan, and usually third in the US. This was during a japanese earthquake and non holiday

The vita launched during the holiday and in japan, hasnt broken higher than fourth place ever. It didnt break any records, and in the US the 3ds is currently second place.

The 3ds is currently over 16 million and sells around 1 million a month worldwide, and at the vitas currently at 1.5 ( estimate) pace it would take 3 years to do what nintendo did in 1.

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metsgaming2544d ago

Yea.. NO. Its biggest problem by far was the fact it only had one nub, not the cost to make a game. There were plenty of games made that had potential but the lack of a second nub killed it. So much that many games that could have been made weren't, now that the vita can map the second analog stick and works good in many psp games they have new life. I know i will probably buy the battlefront psp games now that the analog stick works with it and look into other games. Sad thing is i think i will buy and enjoy psp games more with a vita then i ever did with a psp.

iceman062544d ago

You are exactly right. The games that were made and ported to the PSP just didn't have the right feel...due to the lack of that second analog stick. Games like the Socom games would be GREAT on VITA (because of the extra control options), but were just okay on the PSP. Once more games are available from the PSP collection, I can also see the PSP library having quite a resurgence...once there is a lull in VITA releases.

stephmhishot2544d ago

No the biggest problem was piracy. There was no incentive for third party developers to make games for the PSP after a year because the thing was more exposed thanks to hackers than a Star Fox boss' weak point.