2008's Essential Xbox 360 Games

CVG writes, "The popular question at the moment is, after such a massive year for Xbox, what on earth does 2008 have left for Microsoft's white box? Apart from Banjo?"

"Peering into the next 12 months we can name at least ten games (and erm, we have) you'll be tussling in the shopping aisles to get for your Xbox next year. And knowing Microsoft there's undoubtedly dozen more under wraps. But let's go with what we know, shall we?"

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BIoodmask4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I am especially looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, Halo Wars, and Splinter Cell Conviction. I would have added Lost Odyssey to the list as I am a big RPG fan. Fallout 3 is definately a must purchase IMO.

I hope that Rare has a Perfect Dark sequel as well as Killer Instinct 3 in the works. I am sure they have been working on more than just Banjo. Resident Evil 5 is going to be a hit for sure. I beat part 4 on the Gamecube and it was by far the best in the series.

I know that there is some hate floating around this website about how the 360 has no games for '08, but I am pretty confident that Microsoft has a lot of games that have been kept under wraps.

Nicosia4045d ago

The comment about no games for 360 next year made up, just like ps3 had no games in 2007. A lot is going to be announced just @ the start of the year. I read a comment by a ms executive that they where focusing on the 2007 line up, which was a blast btw, but there keeping the 2008 line up for 2008. Time will tell btw.

unlimited4045d ago

Resident Evil 5
Devil May Cry 4
Gran Theft Auto IV
Fall Out 3

Is also on the PS3..I belive 2008 will be the year of the PS3. They have so many exclusive games next year it be hard for people not to notice it..I hope Sony keep on bringing the games..Which i know they will if they want to win this gen. This year the 360 didnt really put the ps3 to rest in the coffin.they sold only 13 million and the ps3 is up to at least 8 million sold world wide..I know they can catch up easily..The PS3 have no games was BS. I have Uncharted, Resistance, Warhawk, Folkore, Rachtet and clank, call of duty 4, assasin creed, resistance, Time crisis, Gran Turismo P, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly sword..and some psn games..

IF your smart you will pick the ps3 for gaming next year..A lot of people i know is actually doing it..

N4Flamers4045d ago

you bought two resistances and let me guess that game didn't come out in 07. What a dork the list is about ten good games to get for your 360 if it was just about exclusives they would have put fable 2 up there or Lost Odyssey. I'm actually kinda pissed they didn't seeing as how im getting those, I don't want to crush your dreams but I can pick up a ps3 When some good games come out for it, I'm not throwing out 500 bucks to play two games thats like 9 games I can buy for my 360. So hope all your games stop getting delayed and maybe you can get off these forums and actually play your PS3.

Blitzed4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Wrong spot.

sonarus4045d ago

360 definetly has games in 2008 however i jst feel ps3 lineup is stronger. For almost every xbox exclusive there is a similar ps3 exclusive that is better. The 360 games i do wanna play however are ninja gaiden and banjo. Not too sure if banjo will be that good but after playing ratchet and clank future kinda got me craving some more ol school platforming so i do hope its at least as good as banjo 1 was. Ninja gaiden 2 will be solid for sure as for too human not really interested. Not a big fan of halo and was never a fan of real time strategy so nuthin for halo wars. I didnt enjoy assasins so i doubt i will enjoy splinter but who knows. It is however different enough from the previous series to warrant a peek at the game and never played fable 1 so dnt really knw much about it

PStriple7034045d ago

if bots think they list is IMPRESSIVE look at the ps3 line up for 08...

MK_Red4045d ago

In 2008, Fallout 3 will slaugher everything.

Pretty good list and games. Aside from Fallout 3, I'm also seriously anticipating Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2 and to a lesser extent Too Human. If indeed Banjo Kazooie is coming in 2008 then it will also be added to my list.
Hopefully they announce Killer Instinct 3 for 360 as well.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

NG2, Quake Wars, Batlefield BC, Frontlines, Too Human and Alan Wake are stealing from my wallet aswell. IMO I think gamers will be suprised to find Crysis on consoles next holiday season. There are aslo alot of sleepers in 08, might wanna keep our eye out for em.

MK_Red4045d ago

Great comment and thanks for reminding me of Battlefield: BC and Alan Wake. These 2 are also among my most anticipated.
As for Quake Wars and Frontlines, they are multiplayer oriented games and not my cup of tea (Singleplayer FTW!).

But yeah, 2008 is indeed gonna be phenomenal. Every type of gamer will get his/her most anticipated game in years. GTA and sandbox fans will get GTA4, Snake fans will get MGS4, J-RPG fans will probably get FFXIII and wester RPG fans will recieve Fallout 3. Zombie / survival fans have Resident Evil 4. Stealth gamers are getting Splinter Cell V: C and finally, hack-n-slash fans have 2 huge games: NG2 and DMC4.
And then there are universally fave games like LittleBigPlanet, SSBB and more.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

I'm not always a d!ck, I'm just an Xbot for fun anyway (shh don't tell anyone) I'm a MP fanatic, been playing big MP game from way back. One of my favs is Delta Force 2 it had 62 player rooms back in 98\99 when everyone had 56k dial up.

MK_Red4045d ago

I'm a PS3 fan along with a SP fanatic :)
Bubbles for you and your great comment. We may have different opinions here and there but we are gamers first and last.
Hopefully 2008 will be beyond awesome and incredible.

InMyOpinion4045d ago

I would'nt count on Fallout 3 being good until I see it. I wonder if it's the same studio developing it that were responsible for Fallout 1 & 2.

All I have to say is Fallout: Brotherhood of steel(Xbox). e don't want to go there again, do we?

N4Flamers4045d ago

I think GTA 4 is going to slaughter everyone in sales it's gonna be a harmonious thing where everyone just buys the hell out of that franchise. Thats just my prediction and I am getting it too but im not such a big fan of the franchise, That safety deposit box is gonna be sweet.

MK_Red4045d ago

Jenzo, Fallout 1 and 2 were made by Black Isle and are considered to be among best RPGs ever created. Brotherhood of Steel on PS2/Xbox was a disgusting cash-in made by publisher Interplay by using only name of Fallout and nothing more.
Fallout 3's dev is completely different because Bethesda bought the rights to Fallout franchise. Hopefully it ends up more than Oblivion with guns and also, becomes less simplified and much more deeper than that title.

InMyOpinion4045d ago

Bethesda are pure gold =)

Mwaan4045d ago

I've been following it for a long time and it finally looks like they have everything under control. Can't wait for the demo.

Blitzed4044d ago

Fallout 3 has me itching as well, but I need to see more before I say its a "must have" etc. I don't understand a lot of the hype for Splinter Cell though. I was involved in a "behind the scenes making of Splinter Cell: Double Agent" thing a while back and it seemed like it was going to be good so I was really disappointed. The original devs are on it though so it should get back to its roots, but I always felt the series was good but not great (I always preferred MG though).

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