Dante's Inferno Versus Dante's Inferno: The Troubling Nature of Adaptations

Dualshocker's Sto Austin talks about video game adaptations gone wrong.

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cstyle2544d ago

DI wasn't a bad game IMO. I enjoyed it. Did it copy GOW? Yep, sure did, but it had a great story and I loved it. For a first effort, it wasn't bad at all.

Fylus2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

It had a great story because it was just the story as it was originally told during Dante's time on Earth to begin with. GOW recreated Greek Mythology in its own right. Regardless, I personally liked DI but I think they should have done something unique with the gameplay design to give it more originality to compliment the story.

Handhelds_FTW2544d ago

I liked Dante's Inferno alot as well.

I honestly think it features the best depiction of hell in any videogame thus far.

It does falll behind GOW in gameplay, but surpasses it in the story category.

I also liked how you could absolve or punish famous individuals from times past.

I personally would get excited over a sequel.

Fylus2544d ago

I personally enjoyed God of War's story more but that could just be me being a Greek myth nut. But I agree, DI did a great job describing hell, although it wouldn't be too hard with a story like the 9 circles to work off of. Regardless, they did a beautiful job of bringing it out in a visual perspective.

cstyle2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

GOW didn't recreate Greek Mythology IMO.Its not like they made up those characters. Anyway, like I said before, for a first effort the game was pretty good. Its not really fair to compare one game to another series that has had time to evolve its story. I do hope they bring a sequel though. Visceral games is badass.

Fylus2544d ago

Very true. I suppose I could have said that a little better. To rephrase, they "retold" Greek Mythology in an alternative ambience.