Rumor: Wii fast approaching 20 million sales

According to estimates from VG Chartz Wii may hit it's 20 mil mark soon

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Shadow Flare4039d ago

but does it matter? Are Ferrari concerned by how many Hondas are sold? We all know that the ps3 and the lagbox 360 are better consoles, like Ferrari is a better car. The wii appeals to a completely different audience, so you know, good for them for selling so many consoles. I bet wii owners are having a whale of a time....NOT. The Nintendo Hapwii-meal isnt a great console even if it sells alot. The ps3 and the Halobox 360 is where the real entertainment is

ChickeyCantor4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

" is where the real entertainment is "
And people who are enjoying the Wii are experiencing fake entertainment?
yep that makes sense.

Do realize that If the Wii keeps selling like this Developers will make a different turn, and make decisions like capcom did with monster hunter.

cheaper to develope for and less risk of losing way to much money.
More people is reason enough for developers to jump to a side ( just like the PS2 without all the consumers it would never have such a big library)

aiphanes4038d ago

Show me a third party Wii game that is totally awesome? It does not exist and probably never will..

Show me burnout paradise on the wii?

Show me GTA4 on the wii?

Show me rock band on the wii?

Show me COD4 on the wii?

None of these are even possible on the wii..except for Rock Band since it is out for the PS2...

2008 is the year for the wii fever to start to break down..

ChickeyCantor4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

this market you speak of is small, smaller then the new audience that Nintendo is trying to reach.
I don't see families come to gather playing CoD4, Burnout or whatever.

Define:" totally awesome "
you people hate this casual " crap" yet others are loving it.
Why must all games be alike? and why would entertainment be " real " with games like COD or burnout?
Personal preference.

" totally awesome"
i haven't seen anything thats REALLy NEW on the 360 or PS3, so why would games like FF:CCB , Zack and wiki, no more heroes (you name it) be anything thats not as good as any other Ps3 or 360 title?
( what is that? developers are still trying to get the hang of it? well so are they with the Wii-mote)

If a game is fun then its entertainment, is it not?

Its fever is starting to break?...yesh thats what you all said about the DS.

i have nothing against the PS3 or 360 but " REAL entertainment" is just bullsh/t, i'm still enjoying Gameboy color games, so what i'm not being entertained because non of the games are in HD and do nothing with physics?

PS360WII4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

ShadowFlare I thought that was awesome how you kept raggin on 360 but it's still a better console. Ha love it.

Personally there is no way in heck that the Wii will kill gaming. It only plays games! Everyone thought the Wii was okay and some just laughed at the Wii. Suddenly it sells more than the others and it's this stupid, fad, piece of garbage, that no real gamer plays. Give me a break! You are just fearing change people. Wii will have it's place just like 360 and PS3 no console will ruin gaming and all consoles are a step forward in gaming. 360 online, PS3 movie quality games, Wii motion gaming. They all serve a reality.

No ones lives depend on one console selling more than the other! 360 had it's day, Wii had it's day, and PS3 is going to have it's day. It's gaming not the birds and the bees of life. Respect what we all do. Game. Try not to disrespect gaming by making these silly flame wars by saying my daddy can beat up your daddy.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Does it mean that our favorite games are gonna start coming out for Wii? And we are gonna have to sell our HDTV's and go back to last gen graphics?

I don't think so, the Wii is a toy for kids who aren't gamers. And I still think it will fade or who cares.

But nobody cares about the Wii. Just look on how nobody cares. If there were talking about PS3 or XBOX 360. Then it would start a riot.

PS3 and 360 need to not worry about the Wii and just focus on real games and winning over gamers. Eventually that Wii bullsh*t will go away.

ChickeyCantor4038d ago

the sad thing is someone actually agreed with you

kangbuo4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

@mr bublles
Im having so much fun reading all your comments...
please keep on ;)

cooke154038d ago

lol, that was the best comment ive read all day.. even though it was the most retarded one :) Yes im gonna sell my 52inch hdtv and buy a black and white 20 inch to play wii on.. somehow that makes it all better.

forum_crawler4038d ago

And yes, I did buy a blu-ray player, and no it wasn't a PS3. I don't know about all these comments about selling your HDTVs to play wii, but I wouldn't since the wii looks so much better on the new TV... It would just be plain silly to do so...

wiizy4037d ago

wii cant be stop.. wii let the numbers do the talking