Phantasy Star Offline, Xbox version goes dark in Japan

Silicon Era reports :

"Sega is finally pulling the plug on the Xbox version of Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II in Japan. The last day online play will be available is January 31, 2008, five years after the initial launch date. When this happens Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Episode IV will be the only version of original PSO that gamers in Japan can still play online. Please note that this announcement is only for Japan.

Sega has made no announcements about shutting down servers in other regions yet."

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Winter47th4047d ago

Shame, the game was promising back in the day, the SP wasn't bad either.

Zhuk4047d ago

Why couldnt they just make PSU exactly like PSO but with next gen graphics

Laexerias4046d ago

even when it is "NEXT GEN GRAPHIC" its a non-seller in japan. Xbox is a console which is based on action and blood which means: There is no way that this console can enter the land of beginning of true videogaming, Japan. And if u tell me those AAA Titles, SORRY BUT THE MOST OF THEM ARE SHOOTER AND ACTION GAMES, i dont talk about the PS3 now, i just mean, the xbox 360 is even lamer than the xbox, cause, my xbox still works, and my xbox360 was after 1 year just garbage, even after i sended it to microsoft they just make the lifespan a little longer, 2WEEK WOOHOO, now its just trash.
Its stupid to buy a console which is with every bundle a lil better. They should make it complete by the first time and not after 2 years.
And believing its the best console ever is even dumber than think ur console will work 2 years without any problem.

v1c1ous4047d ago

update the game so its hosted peer-to-peer like every other game on 360 and make it free.

that way, as long as there are 2 people playing, pso can technically go on forever (or until xbox live goes down permanently)

but then again, maybe this is a strategy by sega to try to entice players to get PSU, ala PS3 40 gig non-bc forcing ps3 players to start buying ps3 games.

Kyur4ThePain4047d ago

It's kind of like MS should really forget about any dreams they have for the 360 video download service, as 360 owners are too busy buying and playing games to be bothered with downloading and watching movies.

v1c1ous4047d ago

360 movie service is (maybe was, it was like 6 months ago i saw the article) the 2nd most popular movie download service.

but i kinda wish they would stop the whole movie/tv thing and concentrate on the gaming session more.

in 2007 they concentrated on the gaming part and had a great year, but now with the viacom deal and pushing the whole download service, they have gotten lazy

WilliamRLBaker4047d ago

that stayed up forever but then again i never played cause phantasy star online for dreamcast sucked in my opinion, I want an actual SINGLE player phantasy star like 1-4...

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The story is too old to be commented.