Xbox Live having trouble. Again. On Christmas day.

The service -- which would like to remind everyone is paid, unlike the competition's -- has been up and down since Christmas weekend.

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CNIVEK4046d ago

What kind of no-life loser is worried about not being able to play on LIVE, on the birthday of our Savior....and also the mother of all days to spend time with family? Give them time, and any problems will be the expense of the XBOX LIVE techs who are spending THEIR holiday catering to a bunch of worthless, spoiled brats.

slak4046d ago

I guess am one of them :( oh yea there no problem here

Damphear4046d ago Show
WilliamRLBaker4046d ago

you can be a jerk and opress people Im so glad for you ya **** *** negative vote and ignore for you.

Oh and I had a 15 minute problem logging on then had no problem.

socomnick4046d ago

lol but there is no god lol you might as well worship Chuck Norris that actually sounds cool. Cmon guys join my new religion we worship Chuck Norris we will be Norrisites.

Panthers4045d ago

Dampher, i am not very religious, but there is more proof that he was real than most people in history. why dont you try looking things up... dumbass. No one wants to hear your comments anyways.

The poster was just saying get over it. People are on vacation and celebrating the birth of their savior, not yours.

PimpHandHappy4045d ago

but what if ppl dont think Jesus is a savior?

personly i think its all brainwash BS mixed in with a touch of magic

oh yea

also add in his story was told 1000 years b4 he even lived

yea bow down

4045d ago
whoelse4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

PimpHandHappy. I agree. I think religion is like a whole brainwash. Its like when people show how there is no god, some person will pull up an excuse. Like how come if god is all-loving, he allows evil in the world. They may reply; well then he isnt all-loving... but you said he is!!!! OR maybe there is no god!!!

Soz i had to get that off my chest.

Back on topic, i think that it is unacceptable to have a service that goes on and off line frequently. This has only happened a few times recently and on the busiest time of the year so its understandable.

Bubble Buddy4045d ago

I'm pretty sure if PSN went down, 1, you would be bragging about it.

masterg4045d ago

Sure Jesus was real. He was crucified.
But that's just about the only thing that is true.

Bolts4045d ago

This is completely off topic but Xmas is a PAGAN holiday, thats why Pilgrims did not celerabte it. Don't be a dumbass, be educated so you know WTF you're talking about. Speaking of history, look it up. It only conveintly became the birthday of Christ when the Church pulled the birthday BS outta their collective ass so they can shoehorn a Christian theme into a day which the Europeans traditionally celebrate as Yule and Mithra.

shysun4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Because they payed to play. Not everyone is Christine, there are more Muslims and Buddhist in the world than Christians! :P


unsunghero284045d ago

Did I just read 1's comment correctly?

Is he saying that Christmas is a time when people SHOULDN'T be playing video games?

Is he f*cking serious or is this a joke?

There are millions of children who probably got Xbox 360s on Christmas. And now a lot of them will have difficulty getting that expensive present to work.

Good Lord CNIVEK, something tells me that the parents wouldn't be terribly thrilled about their children's toys not working after all the money they might have forked over. Of course people spend time with family on Christmas, but believe it or not a certain amount of gift giving accompanies the holiday as well.

shrimpboat4045d ago

This guy is tripping. Have you ever heard that song Jesus take the wheel. yeah he was playing Forza 2 and it was his turn.

Monchichi0254045d ago

Christmas being Jesus's birthday is as real as Sant Claus. Christmas is actually the Christians extention of Yule and Mirtha. A holiday celebrated in the past as the last celebration before going into hibernation for the cold winter. As the food was fresh and the wood was still plentyful people took advantage and celebrated. Then Christians conviently thru Jesus's birthday on this day for more worldwide acceptance of Jesus's birthday. (He was actually born closer to April.)
As for Jesus's being real? Of course he was real and there is solid proof of this. But not the Jesus that people are taught. Jesus was a mere mortal like you and I who came from a politicaly charged family. But "as the worlds greatest sales person of all time" and the time he was alive itself, Jesus grew to become the mythical figure he is today.
Don't take this as I'm nocking religion because I am not. People need and will always need religion. Any religion. Imagin how life would be if people didn't have anything to Fear?

But I'm not complaining, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Genuine4045d ago

Some of you should read the bible before being so quick to dismiss it. Until then, I see several people that are going to burn in hell.

Monchichi0254045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Grew up with Christian parents and went to a religious school so I've read the bible plenty of time. But I'm not a ignorant person. I won't believe a book that was written to control people.... ESPECIALLY if it was written and revised YEARS after the whole Jesus thing took place.

Get your head out your ass and realize the whole truth around the bible before you critisize others my friend. Go learn why the bible was written in the first place and learn the true history AROUND the bible and you will realize how programmed you are.

And let me guess, you believe what you believe because your parents and your community share the same faith. Ever stop to think what religion you would be if you were born in the Middle East or in Asia??? You would be as much of a believer but only of a different faith. Would you be wrong then???

But instead of hating on others, try doing what your god told you to do and love others.

poeo4045d ago

ain't nothing special about jesus, he was just one of many prophets of the time. there were others too, it's just random chance that a religion was founded around his teachings (same of course applies to all other religions too, mohammed, buddha etc). though he had a good message about how to treat others, that still doesn't make him a son of the creator of the universe..

poopface14045d ago

I spent all day with the family and then I went out with the old crew, got drunk and came home and played drunken COD4. but now it dont work. Xmas break is a huge time to play games as many people have off from work and school ar both. I hope my live works soon as im scared I mighta got banned, who knows why but i do have roomates that play alot. I hope your not one of the techs that have to fix it as you sound a bit bitter.

FirstknighT4045d ago

The real birthday of Jesus is NOT Dec. 25th. Get your facts straight you ignorant buffoons.

Big Jim4045d ago

How dare all you unbelievers spread your blasphemy?!!!! Chuck Norris will cast you all down into the deepest depths of the netherworld!!! Praise Norris!

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toughNAME4046d ago

13 ppl online on my friends list

I think its fine

...I think im gunna go play

JasonPC360PS3Wii4046d ago

Give it a rest droids, only ones not getting on are modders and people with silver accounts and of course people without power, phone lines or tvs.

Damphear4046d ago

this is why you dont pay to play games on line.

ambientFLIER4046d ago

Yeah, I guess anything that can break down isnt worth paying for. Like game systems, or cars, or computers, or everything in the world...