PlayStation Tips #2 - [email protected]

Here are the following tips:

1.When you are running the software you can set some options in the Settings menu by hitting the triangle button. Make sure Screensaver is selected to conserve energy and TV life

2.Exit the application and go back to the Xross Media Bar. Hit the triangle button when the [email protected] icon is selected. Choose Auto-Start from the right-hand menu and then choose idle time detection. For example, I choose 10 minutes. Now if you are not using the console for 10 straight minutes, [email protected] will run automatically so you don't have to think about it anymore. You can even turn your TV off and you don't have to be connected to network all the time. [email protected] will only access your network about 2-3 times a day.

3.To make sure [email protected] runs automatically, all you have to remember is after playing your favorite holiday game is to quit the game but leave the console powered on. Folding will not happen if you turn the console off.

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Blademask4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Shakira at the same time? Sweet!

On a serious note. Has anyone had Folding @ Home Freeze up the ps3? After about 4-5 weeks keeping the PS3 on folding/games. I notices it freezes up.. not total lock.. but real real laggy.

I think Folding takes advantage of the ps3 when its been ON/IDLE? Longer...

Mr_Kuwabara4044d ago

I've notice that when I select "Shut down when finish" the timer on the upper right section of my T.V. goes up if I'm haering music. I guess if you're listening to music, it takes more time for it to finish?

Anyways I use [email protected] at night so once it finishes, it's hours before I use it again so it has a lot of time to rest so I don't really put my PS3 in those type of situations...