Worst Video Games Ideas Ever

GamerFitNation's Rigo writes about what he believe are the worst video games ever. "Have you ever wanted a game so bad that you went out and bought it without even checking out a review for it?"

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Ranma12542d ago

Square Enix deciding to add an auto battle feature to FF13 which makes the game play itself. Technically making the game more like a movie

thebudgetgamer2542d ago

I had Jepordy on the nes when I was a kid, it sucked because there was not enough questions and yoou quickly found yourself anserwing the same ones over and over.

Dark_Overlord2541d ago

How can Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing not be here :D

It has been voted the worst game ever repeatedly

From the non existant AI, lack of collision detection, infinite reverse speed (some guy got to 190,000,000,000 MPH on youtube lol) to impossible feat of losing a race, no game comes close to this :D

And if you want to have a laugh, youtube the game :D