In Defense Of Day One DLC

Making a profitable videogame for current-gen consoles is an expensive and risky business venture. Charging as much as you can get away with is, unfortunately an effective tactic to ensure success. While few game publishers would try to break the sixty-dollar price ceiling with a retail product, they do try to circumvent that by offering quick and numerous DLC packs. Consumer outrage grows greater the closer these DLC packs are to launch, and the inevitable worst-case-scenario for a buyer is the Day One DLC.

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Dlacy13g2544d ago

NO, no and no... "The only time we should complain about day one dlc is when its already on the disc"? WTF??? So because the dlc isn't on the disc we shouldn't complain? That makes no sense. The only time we shouldn't complain about day one dlc is if its silly stuff like a weapon skin...or avatar item. totally not impacting the game at all. DLC that revolves around the story in anyway that is day one paid for is just wrong...period, end of story.

I don't care if the dev makes it tied to new game sales so its free if you bought it new...but making it paid for across the board to all is just wrong.

vega2752544d ago

i agree with what your saying.too many times gamers are getting the shaft for paying $60 for games that are broken,bugs, and being too damn short (because of multiplayer modes)now we have to pay for DLC that should have been put into the game in the first place. this is a cash grab and nothing else but so and to make any excuse about it is the reason why many publisher and dev's will start to do this in future titles. this is how online passes started and this will be the start of games costing more than they already do.

i love ME but not enough to be f'ed over by EA/Bioware on ripping parts from the game and selling it to me ontop of the $60 i paid for a semi complete game. ME3 will be the first game i buy used from the series.

Thabass2544d ago

I agree to a point with you. But, I don't agree that one should be the only blame. DLC was a great concept, but it has been executed in such a way to make money and make money fast for additional content. I agree that being upset for DLC like: Skins and cosemetic changes, but Day 1 DLC that includes a major story plot is terrible and money grubbing.

So, Day 1 DLC on disc is a valid complaint, but it's not the only thing we can complain about.

Godmars2902544d ago

There's actually nothing with day-one DLC so long as its cosmetic in nature.

In the case of From the Ashes however it something which can be perceived to pertaining to ME3's main plot. With it being released the same day making said appearance all the more worse.

hellvaguy2544d ago

You could always do something as crazy as not buy the dlc. I mean were not talking about heavy moral or ethical choices here.

Reminds me of car buying. U can buy the base model or pay more for the power windows, leather, etc. Its basic economics that the cost of making more advanced games is gunna cost more and more.