Horror Games of Today: Not Scary Enough?

The Angry Pixel writes: "The severed head is so passé. Ditto for the ragdoll model, entertaining as it was to see a supposedly something-kilogram individual dissolve into a fluttery, floppy pair of dead bunny ears. No one pouts at the impaled body or distinctive parts on a pike, spear, or any variant thereof. That close-range shotgun shell into the gut is now commonplace – and it's a strategy most players should adopt quickly if they want to take survival for a night out on the town without cheating on Lady Luck. And in today's gaming world, true horror and chills have been substituted for spanking, new-fangled attempts at sadism, joyfully depicted in almost poetic reams of aching screams, cannibalism, most preferably of the female figure (Rape is so old-school), and intense emotional suffering."

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Bonsai12144580d ago

Most horror games today rely on over the top blood effects, decapitations, etc to provide the thrill of horror. back in the day, it was all about atmosphere. When developers included stimuli for more than one sense, the game will be amazing.