USA Today: Zack & Wiki offers Wii gaming treasure, 10/10

Jinny Gudmundsen, 12-21-2007: "Every once in a while, a video game developer does everything right. That's the case with Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure from Capcom, this year's sleeper hit for the Nintendo Wii."

Conclusion: "With more than 30 hours of game play, the puzzles can be played slowly over time. There are also minigames to explore. Plus, the game allows others to get involved as advisers who can draw circles around areas to investigate. This is a fun way for a parent and child to play together."

Score: 10 stars (out of 10)

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pwnsause4040d ago

too bad wii owners dont buy 3rd party games, which is why its a fad, despite all the hype and the SUpply and Demand issues for it. No wii owners buy 3rd Party games, the only games they buy for the system are casual 3rd/1st party games such as wii sports and Wii Fit. think im lying, go to the store and see how much software thats stocked up in the wii section, its not empty, you would expect that to happen, but sadly not. dissagree if you want, but I see these things everyday and I stand by my opinion.

Prismo_Fillusion4040d ago

"No wii owners buy 3rd Party games"
Damn, I guess my copy of Zack&Wiki a fake then.

LanRanger4040d ago

There are ten third party PS3 games that have sold more than half a million copies, selling 7.26 million between them. There are eleven Wii third party games that have sold half a million plus, combining for 9.48 million copies.

You're right--nobody buys third party games on the Wii. /sarcasm

LanRanger4040d ago

"think im lying, go to the store and see how much software thats stocked up in the wii section, its not empty, you would expect that to happen"

Why would you expect that to happen? It's ridiculously easy to ramp up production of video games to meet demand and ship them out. It's also easy for retail establishments to store extra inventory.

The only reason you'd expect to see games out of stock would be for surprise hits, those that have non game accessories (like Rock Band), or temporary shortages for mega-hit new releases.

wiizy4040d ago

last time i checked.. not even sony first party games are selling well clown... plenty of good wii 3rd party games are coming next year... then they will sell.... last i checked mario and sonic from sega sold well... , raving rabbits sold well, resident evil sold well, guitar hero sold well....good games sell... so only silly people make comments without knowing facts.... even red steel which was a bad game from ubisoft sold

wiizy4040d ago

a fad thats kicking the stuffing out of whatever system you please come up with something better to say next year..when you in that same boat again