Best of 2007 Awards: Dubious Honours

The dubious honours awards are used to point out those games that distinguished themselves in a way that wasn't necessarily good. Aside from using this section of our awards to shine a spotlight on the worst games released this year, this section also highlights some of the most disturbing new trends in the game industry that GameSpot's editorial staff did not think contributed positively to the world of video games.

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Salvadore4582d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Kanye and Lynch has received over %50 of votes for Most Disappointing Game and I think IO interative must be feeling pissed off.

Edit: I have withdrawn my approval until the author changes the display picture.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4582d ago

Lair, it's pretty much the poster boy for all things dubious in video games.

Sure there are other crappy games, but none more hyped that turned out so crappy. So it takes all the award.

Real Gambler4581d ago

You would be amazed. So what if it didn't live up to the hype. I would still take this game over a hundred games that had no hype, but also nothing else : )

Blademask4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Yet, picture of Lair.

Hold on to that ONE with all your heart xbots.

MaximusPrime4582d ago

This must be Bloodmask or some xbot using LAIR as an image. It is making him (or her) a fool.

toughNAME4582d ago

using the word 'xbot' makes you look like a fool

seriously...grow up

CeruleanSky4582d ago

Report this little punk, toughNAME.

Pathetic little fanboys making up crap should not be tolerated by any gamers.

toughNAME4581d ago

are you joking man?

So I made up this fake website called gamespot...and then we (I) made up this story

is that what your saying?


hey this is my story...I said in the reports section if theres a rule against what I'm doing I'll change it

If not, my story, my picture

Real Gambler4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Think about it, after all the bad mouthing going around about such a great game as Lair, it didn't "won" any dubious awards!

Most disappointing game? NO
Worst game played? NO
Best game no one played? NO
Any dubious award at all? NO

So toughname probably just wanted to emphasize the fact that despite all the bad review, Lair is still an awesome game that can zip through all the worst awards. People who have not bought it, or at least rented it, do not know what they are missing.

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Jazy784582d ago

Just keep rapping lair

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The story is too old to be commented.