Wii's Healing Powers

The Cincinnati Enquirer - Cliff Peal, Monday, December 24, 2007:

Barry Brewer has done rehab before, sitting in bed in his Hamilton home with a pillow under his leg, lifting it toward the ceiling.

But after having his right hip replaced last Monday in an operation at Mercy Fairfield Hospital, Brewer started another kind of rehab: Tennis and bowling.

Using the popular Wii video-game system from Nintendo, Brewer worked on balance and flexibility and had a little fun at the same time.

Just as children have discovered the Wii and made it difficult to find on store shelves, hospitals have started using it in their search for ways to spice up dreary rehab sessions. The program uses a motion-sensing technology that allows the user to simulate a real bowler or tennis player playing against the computer.

Rehab specialists and hospital administrators say as America's population ages and more patients need rehab to recover from strokes or joint replacements, the use of video games will become more and more popular.

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Silvia0074576d ago

Wow, the Wii sure is a godsend isn't it! Well, I'm glad something like a games console can do so much for people.

pacman6154576d ago

to something like this...because they will use it hell of lot more than i have....i bought the crap only for zelda....beat that lost interest in supermario galaxy felt too much like ratchet and clank missions ... i regret buying the wii but i love zelda....just get tired of the same game rehashed with same storylines

The Brave 14576d ago

this is all bullcrap.Its nintendo marketing at its worst.The wii is a piece of $hit

wiizy4576d ago

oh please go cry in a corner fanboy... the console you own must really be that piece of crap since wii is destroying it...

Amp4576d ago

Its great seeing a game, or system, changing the boundries of what it was designed for. Merry Christmas

KeiZka4576d ago

It is always nice to see a console find a task beyond its normal usage. Just like PS3 doing all that computing.