BATTLEFIELD 3: Killing Snipers EOD Style

YouTube user has uploaded a video on how to kill snipers in an interesting way using the EOD bot. He blast the EOD robot on the roof of a building then takes care of the sniper.

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DG903436d ago

Do it again & I'll be impressed.

xxLuckyStrike3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Death to All snipers.. Come out of hiding an get in the sh!t

madjedi3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Why so they can get cut down in a cross fire by campers, by people laying prone in a corner with a silenced lmg. Or shot at point blank range by a guy with a shotgun crouching in a dark corner by a stair well.

Truly motivating buddy. I think most of the people that rag on snipers, tried it 1 time and either kept getting killed by other snipers or couldn't hit anything past 50 ft in the game.

I am playing the starhawk beta and it's nice the vehicles aren't overarmored ie actually die in 2 rocket hits. Aren't 1 man armys ala tanks and helicopters and best of all no candy asses hiding in corners. Or silenced prone campers hiding under trucks, rubble ect. You can't go prone. :) I love that feature.

But then your ego might take a hit when your k/d ratio free falls and you have to earn your kills bf3 players, not just win all your kill by surprise/ambush.

Btw starhawk doesn't use the cod style damage ie 2-3 shots and you die, well for snipers it does and 1 if it's a headshot.

Run and gunning and camping is easy, being a sniper picking off a tiny moving target a good distance is alot harder.

xxLuckyStrike3435d ago

Or worse by the USAS... Seriously im always deep in the shit.. I earn my kills.. Them false eagles fear me!!! U must be a sniper.. Sux.. Check me out.. xxLuckyStrike (gamertag) XBL

Psychotica3436d ago

Seems like it would easier just to use a mortar