Assassins Creed 3: Info Blowout – New Engine, Protagonist Information, New Camera , Animus 3.0

Check out brand new information from Assassins Creed 3.

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IKizzLE2542d ago

This possibly just shot up to my number 1 game of 2012. I...cannot...wait.

Simon_Brezhnev2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

So glad they got rid of Den Defense. I just dont want to be on George Washington side or British side.


It looks like they were influenced by Skyrim. We can now climb trees and the settings look very attractive. I never admired the series because of the graphics, but this time I notice a huge leap in visuals with extremely polished character models, textures and environments (I know those are bullshots but still they give you an idea and the game won't be far from them, I concluded that is a new engine and now it is confirmed).

aCasualGamer2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

The pictures and this info managed to blind me!
Ubisoft Montreal, this is your fault. Will you please help me by handing me a copy of Assassin's Creed III? Please!


aCasualGamer2542d ago

Assassin's Creed III is officially my most anticipated game of 2012.


Strange_Evil2542d ago

New Engine FTW!!!! New Combat FTW!!! Yeah Baby!! Gave Revelations a miss, but am surely gonna buy this one. Please be as good as RDR!!!


Everything sounded and looked amazing until I read the assassin's name is Connor...

AntoineDcoolette2542d ago

Reading that made my prostate tingle with glee.

zeeshan2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Wait, the protagonist will be working with G. Washington, Franklin? He'll be working with Masons? Aren't they associated with Knight Templars any way?

I am excited for this game. After AC2, the game got boring. AC2 was good but they started milking it and well, I passed on both Brotherhood and Revelations. I might still get them but when they are dirt cheap just so I could experience the Ezio storyline.

Commander_TK2542d ago

Man, this looks good, but if they wouldn't have released a game every 2 months I would probaly buy it.

Spydiggity2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

read dead redemption with climbing anyone?

Simon_Brezhnev2541d ago

@ Spydiggity

Thats what im kind of thinking but with more stealth and hiding in snow. If one thing i want them to copy from RDR is if they do multiplayer i hope they add free roam.

NewMonday2541d ago

so no follow up on the Assassins fighting Mongols in China that was hinted at in the Ezio epilogue.

Solid_Snake372541d ago

I was hoping they would remove the skirt in Connors new outfit

MrMister2541d ago

Wow even though they put out a new game per year, they still had the sense to develop a new game engine for AC3. So, what is Activision's excuse if the 2012 COD still doesn't have a new engine?!

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Biohazard88602542d ago

Mine also Bro and with Bioshock coming in october 2 awesome month 2 be a gamer !

Lior2542d ago

Not taking anything away from this game but are we forgetting GTA V

Tonester9252542d ago

If Assassins Creed had the Euphoria Engine!!!!

GroundsKeeperJimbo2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

No date on GTA still, but please let it be this year! :]

jrbeerman112541d ago

this year is getting better and better, diablo 3, gta v hopefully, bioshock infinite, Mass effect 3, and borderlands 2 to name a few that im excited about.

Shubhankar2542d ago

Same here! For me, it's right up there with Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite. Looks brilliant!

gedapeleda2542d ago

Yeah at least something new to the AC franchise
it got borring

MsclMexican2542d ago

Three years.. and damn this is an incredible accomplishment.

People keep complaining that the AC's are just a cash grab.

Here is the proof that everything those people said is BullSh*t.

As I have said before, the games are designed to follow the 2012 story line. Brotherhood and Revelations both took one year each to make, but this one was being made behind the scenes.


New engine
Living Cities/colonies
One area of the game is 1.5X bigger than Rome the Largest AC location

1 area...

And now we scale trees, mountains... conquer nature
Tore down combat and stealth and re-made it

That is the true sign of a dev whom cares for their franchise. People just love bitching about everything now a days.. with out playing the games

Also to those complaining about the fact that you are allies with Washington... it does not mean you are taking a one sided take on the game.

Connor(New assassin) is a freedom fighter and will kill both American and British Templars... the war is not a concern to him.


Basjohn2542d ago

You just proved the series IS a cash grab in your own explanation. They shouldn't have been making this WHILE making other rehashes at the forefront. They should have dedicated ALL RESOURCES to each game at a time to deliver quality products.

Ah well. Brotherhood and Revelations disappointed me immensely but AC2 was truly fun so I have some hope for this one........presuming they don't give us 3.1 and 3.2 again following of course.

MostJadedGamer2542d ago

After 4 staight massived dissapointments I am very weary about getting excited about another AC game again.

The potential of the AC franchise has always excited me, but after 4 straight failures its difficult for me to get excited about the fifth game.

Though I will probably end up buying it on day 1, but for now I am reluctant about getting excited about another AC game after being burned 4 straight times.

Redempteur2542d ago

4 straight disapointment ?

you're masochist!

it's very easy to see what you'll get in brotherhood, revelation if you've played AC2 ... if you disliked AC2, then you're a fool for going for the rest ..

i hope you enjoy AC3 ( since you'll buy it anyway )

being burned is 100% your fault.

spartan_dx2541d ago

Ive said this before but most people that play and follow the AC franchise do it for the story each game has advanced the past and history of Desmond. This isnt quite the same 'milking' as some other shooter with a tacked on single player campaign.

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Nozzle2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

"They game tells a story of Templars vs Americans. It’s not about winning the war, but a story based on the main protagonist’s life."

"The protagonist will fight on the American side, with primary allies being George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Charles Lee. However, this does not mean that the Americans are the good guys and the British are the bad guys. Templars are everywhere."


Great way too sugarcoat it, just admit it, us British are the bad guys even though in the story of Assassins Creed it makes more sense if mostly Americans were the templars, how they came to power, how they became stronger winning over the redcoats and how they slowly started to lower the Assassins in numbers....leading up to how there are hardly no Assassins to help desmond in the present and the templars being multi million comparnies like Abstergo industries

I mean look at the box art, he's killing a Brtish soldier, he's also helping George Washington and Connor is also wearing blue like the american soldier much for both sides being templars...

Like everyother game/film.....American are the good guys while anyone they are fighting are the bad guys

Germany, Russia, Britiain, Iraq, Afghanistan

Think of all the arguments that are going to appear the online now, way to add fuel to the "Britain vs America" argument..."Haha you British suck, you can't even win a war"..."I killed a ton of you guys in the game" etc.....yes immature I know but it happens

kaveti66162542d ago

But you're preemptively bringing this up.

It didn't even cross my mind to think of the British as being inherently bad just because they're portrayed as the bad guys in a damn video game. What do you care what a bunch of semi-literate 14 year-olds post in the comments section on youtube?

Nozzle2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

because it's kind of insulting thats why

But the MAIN reason in my opinion is that it dosen't fit with the Assassins Creed story. As we draw closer to the present we should be seeing the story take a turn where the templars start to win while the Assassins decrease in numbers.

Lets not forget Ubisoft trying to lie and sugarcoat it by saying both sides will be templars when it's pretty obvious who's side Connor is on.

LOL....Youtube, when did I bring Youtube into it. I meant online as in the multiplayer.

Sorry I forgot kaveti6616 your one of these people who don't like to see someone elses opinion other then those who agree with yours.

kaveti66162542d ago

"because it's kind of insulting thats why"

I'm sorry? What do you want, an apology from America or something? The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which is in Canada. The developers are very diverse in their ethnic backgrounds. You feel insulted because the British, who actually were the enemies of the American colonies during the Revolutionary War, are actually being presented as such?

"Sorry I forgot kaveti6616 your one of these people who don't like to see someone elses opinion other then those who agree with yours."

There isn't a single human being on this planet who wants to see an opinion that differs from their own. It's basic psychology.

You, however, are insulted because for ONCE the British are the enemies in a video game, and you happen to be British. You're like that guy who laughs at every racist joke that doesn't concern you, but as soon as someone makes a crack about the British, you have a problem with it.

RedDead2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Yeah ok dude, you aren't getting it at all. The British...back then were the super power. Not the Americans. It makes sense that America will be the main villains in Desmonds times sure, however the American war of independence? That literally makes no sense at all. America didn't take part in the Crusades did they? Being European at this point in time makes perfect sense just as they were in Assassins creed 1 and 2. Being American in Desmonds time makes perfect sense.

Oh and sorry, the british were the 'villains' back in the middle ages up until they were kicked out of their colonies. Just like Italy was back when they were conquering the world and greece too. My bet is in Desmonds story, templars will be mostly comprised of Americans and their monies

Edit---yeah? SO what if America is full of templars? It being their central base is fine but only in Desmonds time. Not back when America was what it was. The templars where in action long before American was colonized and America had NO power in the 1700's, why would the Templars belong in it? It would makes sense if they crept in to Amaerica after the war of independance because they lost the fight also, after a quick search http://assassinscreed.wikia... George Washington was an ally of the assassins not a templar.

Nozzle2542d ago

I'm not getting you aren't

The games have always told of how America is full of templars, George Washington being one and him having a piece of's in THE GAMES, not me making it up.

They've told us how America is central base for the templars with the US being where the templars have more control

It wouldn't make sense STORY WISE to have the British are mostly templars when America had a templar pressence even earlier in history, they could of done it so the Assassins were mostly the British trying to get rid of the templars in America but they lost resulting in the templars taking a stronger hold in the US leading up to the present with Desmond having hardly no help from the Assassins.

As I said most fo the stuff about American and the templars is in the game, it's not about me not taking a joke or moaning on about it being unfair, they are contradicting themselfs really because they are going against what the backstory set up about the templars and the US. So please before you disagree and moan on to me look it up.

JaredH2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Wow do you realize that Desmond's story takes place over 200 years past the American Revolution. A lot can change with who's a Templar and who isn't. Also just because George Washington had an Apple of Eden doesn't mean he's a Templar since nothing in any game directly says it. I'm also pretty sure the people making the game know the story better than you and they know where they want to take it. No other Assassins Creed has contradicted another one either so I don't see a need to question continuity or coherence.

JaredH2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

If you're talking to me nope. I just find it funny that people complained how the Assassins Creed games were like COD and now that they're drastically changing it people are complaining about the dumbest details that we know too little about.

jrbeerman112541d ago

I mean look at the box art, he's killing a Brtish soldier, he's also helping George Washington and Connor is also wearing blue like the american soldier much for both sides being templars...

they said he's fighting for Americans..... so why cant he wear blue? this is the revolutionary war not the civil war, why would he be killing an American? I fail to see your logic here.

they also said hes half native American half British, you have no idea how they will write the story. The game may start as him being an American soldier, but is it far fetched to say its revealed that templars are on both sides and he starts fighting his own war?

your being offended by a story you know almost nothing about, and even saying they are lying about where the story is going on the first preview of a game.

and this "britain vs america" argument you speak of? what argument is there? Last I checked the two countries got along pretty damn well.

and even if your right about British being bad guys, it would be hard to paint the picture the other way considering the circumstances of the revolutionary war.

MrMister2541d ago

Bro, relax. We beat the British simply because they were arrogant enough to wear shiny red coats in an oversea's war. If that isn't the stupidest thing one could ever do, then I don't know what is. Even a blood knows not to wear red in a crip neighborhood....

ZippyZapper2541d ago

Only "insulting" to the ones who lost

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Hanif-8762542d ago

I'm sold! This will be my first Assassins Creed game and i'm excited as f%7k!

Mustang300C20122542d ago

Yep just went and pre-ordered. Perfect setting and change for one of my favorite series.

001852542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I was hoping for something fresh and new, Assassin's creed III is looking to be just that. Really can't wait!

showtimefolks2541d ago

my only issue with AC game has been combat and the engine was showing its age in some ways. SO a upgraded engine plus better combat this maybe a AC game we have been waiting for. And already 3 plus years in development yet we are still atleast 6 months from release so that's a pretty good sign

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Game4life2542d ago

Im pretty excited for this. i played 2 and loved it. i have brotherhood but I felt like it was the exact same thing. i wasn't crazy on the first one but Everything i've seen just makes it look epic

Summons752542d ago

why not just make it modern day and end the plot line? I know it's a cash cow and cod's itself every year but common the reason why I stopped playing was because they dragged out the plot for over 4 games and split the second into 3 games *sigh* well count me out just like revelations....hoopefully the new assassin will be more enjoyable and less of a douche bag than Ezio

DaveMan2542d ago

No, god no.

Assassin Creed is the only reason why we even get to see interesting time periods like these.

No publisher would risk making an entirely new ip based of a time period like this.

And there's so many other time periods they can still potentially explore (ancient egypt, victorian england, empiral russia, feudal japan, ancient mayans and incas, maybe a wild west assassin? Hell even modern times, or a blade runner futuristic landscape could work to)

No give me as many sequels as Ubisofts desires. Hell, I can see the French Revolution being the Brotherhood version of this..

Just as long as the games continue to be good then I will never stop buying AC games.

KwietStorm2542d ago

Ancient Egypt and Feudal Japan would have been beautiful.

Shubhankar2542d ago

If this is a troll attempt, I must say, it's not a good one. If you're serious... well, then something is wrong with you. -.-

Summons752542d ago

yeah having an opinion is being such a troll...../S

sorry I like my games original and to have a fluid story not be broken into 5 different games on a yearly release

SnotyTheRocket2542d ago

Only difference, They've been working on it for 3 years. Sooo, yah know, it'll be, um, DIFFERENT

DaveMan2542d ago

Insert this into my veins PLEASE UBISOFT.

God damn, this game is hitting all the right notes for me;

Indian Protag (something you rarely see in games)-CHECK
American Rev. (a period that games have never tackled)-CHECK
Awesome setting (towns, forests, mountains, valleys)-CHECK
Ozing Atmosphere(something straight out of the Patriot)-Check
New Mechanics (ground stealth, cliff climbing, blending with enviorments)-Check

I mean I can go on and on.

This looks Red Dead Assassins Creed and I couldn't be more hyped

Pintheshadows2542d ago

I got a Red Dead + AC + MGS3 vibe from the details.

Anticipating great things. Look forward to aerial assassinating some british troops.

ginsunuva2541d ago

He's only half indian. Which is weird and disappointing. And his name is Connor. Most fitting name for a native american ever.

spartan_dx2541d ago

He's half native American and his real name is Ratohnhaké:ton he just calls himself Connor.

KeiserSosay47882542d ago

Wow, lots of changes! Im definitely ready for this.