Trade in 1 Game, Get a 1400 MSP Card or $20 PSN Card Free

EB Games/ Gamestop Canada had run this deal last year, but they have brought it back. This trade in offer allows you to trade in 1 game and you will receive a free 1400 Microsoft Points Card or a free $20 Playstation Network Card.

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BattleTorn2544d ago

Where are these Gamestops?

I'm in Canada, and I've traded in tons of games at Gamestop. Whenever I mention getting MSP/PSN$ they say that they don't have any such offers.

TrendyGamers2544d ago

Its only for three days, these types of deals are all random.

BattleTorn2544d ago

I guess these incentives are much different than the Trade 2 for $50 deal I took advantage of. (games also much be of $8 value)

Ulf2544d ago

I thought $20 bought 1600 MSP?

3GenGames2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

"The game only needs to be worth $8 in trade in value, so you could essentially get a $20 card for $8."

No, you get a $20 card if your game is worth $8 to them trade in, which is very new titles still that they'll put out for $60. If they give you a $20 card that they from Microsoft, and give you that with a $8 value trade in game, they must at least resell at TradeInValue+PriceOfCard. That means your game is at least $28 (If they buy the cards from Microsoft for ~$18) in value resale. And then you also have to put up with the harassment for all the games and garbage they have they they must ask you before you leave, so that alone makes it not worth it, even if by some miracle they give you a good deal for your game. I mean, what games do they give >=$8 anyway? I'd bet they're less than 3 months old and still retail for $60 and are sold used for $50 by them. It's flat out rape, the price they give you. Screw them, gamestop sucks hardcore.