1UP previews Final Fantasy: Dissidia

1UP plays the PSP's Final Fantasy fighting game:

"The highlight of this year's Jump Festa event came in Square Enix's packed booth as we sampled Final Fantasy: Dissidia for the first time -- one of the few games we were able to try, as the company had to close off its lines an hour into the start of the show because of the immense crowds that turned up.

A fighting game based off the Final Fantasy franchise brings up memories of Ehrgeiz, the old arcade and PlayStation 1 fighter that featured several characters from Final Fantasy VII. But to our pleasant surprise, Dissidia is actually nothing like Ehrgeiz, and in fact, we get the feeling it might even be fun enough to stand on its own without the FF characters."

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Guwapo774040d ago

Now this sounds very interesting. I hope it is a good game to hold over my FF fix.

akaFullMetal4039d ago

lets hope this is better than erhgeiz, but i still liked that game, even though it really wasn't that good

Luca Blight4039d ago

I'm hoping it's...
1. General Leo
2. Saban
3. Edgar
4. Setzer

Hopefully, they put an FFT character in like...
1. Elmdor
2. Orlandeau
3. Zalbag/Vormav
4. Delita (as a holy knight)

and Kain is the character from FFIV, correct?