Ninja Gaiden 2: Day of the Ninja Trailer 4

Posted December 25, 2007: "A fighting mad Ryu Hayabusa easily shreds his way toward the top of this path."

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InMyOpinion4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

I watched it in HD and the surroundings does not look that impressive. Bland textures. I hope they improve it a bit. Japanese developers are falling behind.

HeartlesskizZ4040d ago

This is one of the games Im very excited about..Ryu looks to be more responsive to attack and has better combos, and sadly yes! the environment could have been more detail but I really dont care about it when im fighting Ninjas I dont have time to stop and say hay! look at that birdy =D

Bnet3434040d ago

You can't make the judgment from a video. You need to play the game in real life to know how good it really looks. That goes for all games.

InMyOpinion4040d ago

I'm also very excited about it and from the looks the gameplay will be phenomenal.

Blademask4040d ago

Im guessing this isn't going to be:


It seems to be getting worse.. You figure they would have just improved on sigma visually. But it looks like a Time-Crisis engine game now or PDZ.

The lighting is terrible as well. No dirt/falling leaves. No DOF?

AllroundGamer4040d ago

well because of the not so hot visuals i would assume, that it just have to run in 1080p minimum!!!

mikeslemonade4040d ago

Videos on the internet actually look better to me then when you actually play a game on your big screen. I have a 32inch HDTV 720p and the games always look better on the internet stream because of the small size. NG2 doesn't look impressive here. Thanks for confirming that DMC4 is better.

wil4hire4040d ago

better than sigma, Its almost like they just made another one for the sake of making it. Without retouching the engine.

I mean its a 15 hour game on its own, multiplayer would be fun though, although.. who would you be..

Heres to hoping this game vastly improves in the near future. Right now, its looking terrible.

Or was looking better than Sigma not a point?

JokesOnYou4040d ago

the game engine is running smooth, the animation looks good, I admit there is still work to be done with the lighting and polish it a bit but the graphics look better than Sigma and the game isn't finished yet, best of all it isn't a "remake" of a old xbox game, its a brand new story, with brand new charachters, monsters, and weapons with losts of blood= NG2 is a true sequel to an amazing game....a game btw that has some of the most rewarding hardcore gameplay ever. ha ha sonykids don't let your jealousy shine so bright, lmfao=


wil4hire4040d ago

Say I was that type of gamer.. who envied other systems games. Here is that list:

Gears of War
HL2-good port.

And thats all I'd want from the 360. These are the titles that I'd risk RROD for.

Games on the absolute bottom of my 'want' list? NG is a great franchise. One of the best action titles ever. But as far as "Man I wish I had a 360 to play that!" Nah, not at all. Let me check again, Nope. I'm on a graphical + gameplay high right now. One that is on the lines of finally getting Crysis recognizing my cores. Crysis is definitely what everyone had in mind for "next-gen" Dozens of PS3 titles still have that new system smell with them as well. And they make me stop to actually stare at the game like its art or a cgi-pre-render.

Doesn't seem like they are going to pull off any of that from what we have seen for NG. Lighting isn't one of the "final touches" you cut on for a game either. NG2 has more defined chracter models though, I will say that. But without proper lighting/enviornment/post processing. Its very lacking right now.

Everyone said the same things about Mass Effect as well. They didn't pull any 180's direction wise. These things are done, they will be polished a bit. Which doesn't mean 'OK LETS USE HDRI Lighting NOW' in month X of developing.

ThaGeNeCySt4040d ago

vid looks good... but i know some of those camera angles are going to piss me off.

hamburgerhill4040d ago

The game is coming along well and looking better every time I see it! My only wish is that the fanboys would quit trying to debunk this title and compare it to sigma which is silly of them. This game will be good so let's grow up and quit with the mine is still better then yours tatics!

Bnet3434040d ago

Most of people who are complaining about it aren't even going to get it so it's good to know that alot of people who purchase this game won't be disappointed.

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