Assassin’s Creed 3: what do the fans think?

So Assassin’s Creed 3 is set in America. I have to admit it’s going to have to win me all over again as I have issues with the level of firepower and colonial architecture that make me question how this can be like previous games. A complete reboot could be amazing but it’ll have to prove itself all over again. The fan feedback has been varied, with two main camps – “America? F*ck yeah” and “Hell no”.

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Relientk772546d ago

Uh, I think it looks amazing, and I want it.

krazykombatant2545d ago

To be honest it looks interesting. But Ubisoft has become,very much, a one franchise developer. Sure the new Ghost Recon is coming out but it looks pretty damn crappy and most of the things in game come from SC: Conviction.

Which brings me to my next point. Where the hell is my next SC game????? We going to continue with sam fisher, or move on???

ThichQuangDuck2545d ago

Ubisoft has Splinter Cell 6 planned to hopefully go back to the roots lead by Jade Raymond we should see it at E3. I am hoping for something more along the lines of Chaos Theory or at least the original concept for conviction. Rainbow Six Patriots and Ghost recon look good. Do not know why you focus on their other games however I am excited for Assasins Creed since they have been working on it for 3 years to give us a new environment and perspective. Ezio and the landscape and same setting was getting bland especially with a yearly release. This should be Ubisofts best year in a while. I am also excited to see what is planned for SC6

jdfoster2545d ago

Hope it comes on the ps3. I have every Splinter Cell on the PS2!

krazykombatant2545d ago

I knew about the SC 6 with Jade Raymond, but not seeing anything ever since those news came out ages ago. Just makes me wonder what their doing to it. Hopefully, we can catch a glimpse of SC6 come E3.

ThichQuangDuck2545d ago

@ JD foster

I love Chaos Theory wish the servers were still up it was such a complete package and feels under appreciated. If they could bring that complete package with a stealth single player, stealth seperate co op and stealth multiplayer I am sold.


They keep hinting at teasing at it, if we do not see anything at E3 I will be saddened

Reaper99372545d ago

This has become one of my most anticipated games of the year, well done Ubisoft, well done.

gypsygib2545d ago

I wouldn't consider myself an AC fan but I'm very excited for this game.

Although I've owned AC1,2 and Brotherhood I've always thought the gameplay (particularly the combat) in AC games lacking - they were great bargain purchases but never worth $60 imo.

This environment has me excited again - hopefully the combat is much improved.