Hang on a minute, Nintendo, you’re charging how much for these NES games on 3DS?

Why £4.50 is way too steep an asking price for the NES games currently hitting the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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Amazingmrbrock2543d ago

They need to take into account that these products are widely free online. Roms are plentiful and the emulators do a better job of providing the game than nintendo seems to do (and sega with those awful arcade classics that aren't upgraded in any way). price at 4.50 and sell not many, price at like 1.50 or so and everyone will buy it. Thats not even an amount people really think about most of the time.

live2play2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

that is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard....
uhh they should charge less because you can already get them for free ILLEGALY on the internetz :B

hey why do i have to WORK to get payed? i mean robbers just go to banks and steal the money..... :B

this is not angy birds thats is worth no more than a buck. its metroid, mario bros or other classic NES titles

Amazingmrbrock2542d ago

Really it's idiotic?

They wouldi rather spurn potential paying customers to keep their product at prices they like.

Piracy isn't a theft problem so much as it's a service problem.

Here I can provide you a couple informative videos that have helped shape my view point one is by extra credits

and one is a jimquisition.

Both are brilliant.

The gcist of it is that companies should work to get pirates as customers rather than calling for their heads.

live2play2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"Really it's idiotic?"

yup, thats what i said...

"Piracy isn't a theft problem so much as it's a service problem."

hey i dont like your price so im gunna make my own!,


klecser2543d ago

The fair price is what people are willing to pay. If people are willing to pay 4 pounds 50, that's there problem, not Nintendo's. Speak with your wallet. Too steep for you? Don't buy it.

Trekster_Gamer2543d ago

Nintendo is ripping us off with these prices. They are old old old and chances are you already own them on one system or another. Overpriced. .99 and they would make more in volume.

klecser2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

You know that it costs them money to port the game over to 3DS, right? Its not like you just drag the file from a computer into the eSHOP. They have to cover their costs.

That said, from a marketing perspective, a company can set any price they want, if people will buy it. Let's say that they sell 10,000 units at 99 cents and 2,000 units at five dollars. There is no difference in the gross profit. So long as 2000 people are willing to pay the five dollars, they don't care that 8,000 people chose not to buy at that price.

You either agree to pay it to get the game or you don't. You choosing not to pay may not affect their profit margin one bit.

Trekster_Gamer2542d ago

I am very much aware it is not as simple as drag and drop but are you aware of how is easy it is for them to have built in emulation, it's not like they have recode the game. There is no graphical updates, and the fact that most people already own these games I still feel the price is WAY EXPENSIVE for what you are getting.

Of course you either pay or you don't genious, this ia a given. As a consumer it is my right to speak my mind, and if people don't speak out against things they thing are wrong then Nintendo and any other entity will assume everyone is happy until there sales drop off.

They need to look at IOS games, thet look better and have a lot more to them than old gameboy games for the most part and they sale for .99

You do know that more people will buy a game that is more fairly priced don't you???

klecser2542d ago

I think you're just missing the simple truth that if people will pay more, then they'll pay more. You don't want to pay that much. Great. But when they released the eSHOP financial report for the first six months they made something like 12 million bucks. I think that's a pretty good sign that the price works.

You absolutely have the right to speak your mind. That doesn't mean I have to agree with it. ;) That's the problem with the internet isn't it? People get on here to speak their mind, but somewhere along the line they stop accepting that people will disagree with them and cry foul when they find out people have different opinions. Don't take it so personally. Your blood pressure will thank you.

MrMister2535d ago

yeah, unfortunately it costs money, plus they have to keep track of who to pay because people from 15-20 years ago who helped make the game may or may not be entitled to royalties/payment.

live2play2540d ago

"chances are you already own them on one system or another"

nintendo is selling them to new customers, that havent played them. if you want to buy it AGAIN thats your deal