AlanWTool brings mod support to Alan Wake PC; potentially high-res texture packs in the near future

DSOGaming writes: "I tell you, modders are crazy. Remember when Remedy announced that they would not release mod tools for the PC version of Alan Wake? A lot of gamers were disappointed with that statement, however modder ‘evin’ decided to go ahead and figure out a way to unlock the game’s data files. Fast forward a couple of days and here we are today with the AlanWTool, a tool that can be used to unpack Alan Wake’s data files."

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Kran2544d ago

What's good is that Remedy's said on the forums many times that they don't actually mind if people mod Alan Wake.

They jokingly once said "if you break the game, don't expect customer support to help" xD lol

mistajeff2544d ago

freakin awesome. the game's gorgeous in its own right, but some of those low res textures definitely stand out. not as much as the heinous lip-syncing, though.

john22544d ago

Yeah, a high-res Texture Pack with the FXAA Injector will transform Alan Wake to one of the best looking games of 2012.

KwietStorm2544d ago

I swore I was the only one saddened by the lip syncing, because I never heard anyone else talk about it. Early in the game I just thought, OK that was a bad scene, but it was almost like the whole idea of syncing the audio and video throughout the whole game was an afterthought. It really threw me off, considering it was a linear, cinematic story driven game.

wallis2544d ago

There's no real way of knowing if that's an issue of the game or the hardware though. I feel for you though, I really do - Arkham City has terrible lip syncing for me (as in I wait three minutes at the end of a cutscene while the choppy framerate plays out in silence). It needn't even be a problem of performance, but some silly little feature can cause real problems. Whatever it is I hope it gets sorted for you.

BattleTorn2544d ago

I'll probably end up buying Alan Wake (PC) soon.

I haven't played it on PC yet.


Alan Wake (Xbox360) > American Nightmare (XBLA)


john22544d ago

I've heard that American Nightmare is more action-ish than Alan Wake, which is really disappointing. Is that why it's worse than the first game?

IronFistChinMi2544d ago

It's a spin-off title, that Remedy are using to expand the AW franchise. AW2 will bring back the orignal's vibe.

American nightmare isn't worse btw, solid title in its own right.

BattleTorn2544d ago

I suppose. I thought the Narrator from AW was way better than AN.
And AN was more action-oriented.

But my main reason was the graphics, AW(360) looked way better than AN. I thought AN looked barren. With expection of a sparse mojave-bushes, there were not trees.

AW simply looked better, but i guess that's the difference between a $60-retail/$10-XBLA

2544d ago
Plagasx2544d ago

And so it begins...

This will make the game so fucking beautiful.

This is why I love PC gaming.