GameTap's Halo Wars Q&A and screens

The fight against the Covenant ended in Halo 3, but Ensemble Studios -- creators of the Age of Empires franchise -- is going to tell the story behind its beginnings in Halo Wars for the Xbox 360. Unlike the other games in the Halo franchise, which are first-person shooters, Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game where you control a variety of units derived from Halo canon, as well as some entirely new units created specifically for the game. Though Ensemble has been relatively quiet about the game over the past few months, GameTap had an opportunity to speak with Graeme Devine, lead designer on Halo Wars, to get an idea of where the game is at, and how its individual components are shaping up.

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slak4042d ago

This game looking better cant wait

IQUITN4G4042d ago

Yup this is looking particularly good for a console RTS.Sounds like they have nailed it's interface design.Being Halo is what's makes this one even better of course and i'm very much looking forward this.

Led Zeppelin4034d ago

is the best RTS studio hands down. Every one of their games have been exceptional, and this one will be no different. Can't wait.

DJ4034d ago

But there's definitely some potential for HUGE battles (something sorely missing from Halo 3) and it's made by the Age of Empire dudes, so it'll definitely rock!

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