Father of Dungeons & Dragons Talks Computer Games

Dave Arneson is the father of Dungeons & Dragons. With Gary Gygax, he designed the original rules for what was to become the world's first role-playing game. This all began when a couple of war geeks decided to lay out some rules to allow their soldiers to move between games played. Using sand pits to mark the movement of pewter miniatures, Gygax, Arneson, and friends reenacted the battles of Napoleon. But in the mid '70s, Arneson created Blackmoor, a fantasy setting which used rock/paper/scissors to resolve combat situations. Eventually, dice replaced the handjive, and as the rules grew, so did the need for many-sided dice. As time passed, the rules of Blackmoor gave birth to the rules of Dungeons & Dragons.

GameTap chatted with Dave Arneson about computer games, the birth of role playing, and the prevalence of the orc in gaming. GameTap found that he's a curmudgeonly gamer and is none too pleased with the modern state of electronic gaming.

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