More Info On Unnamed Tribes-Like Project

After the leak of gameplay video from GarageGames's unnamed Tribes like shooter was released, GarageGames' Tim Aste gave FiringSquad a little more info about the team based action FPS game which will be part of their upcoming Instant Action web based game service:

"As for the 'game in a browser' stuff, my opinion for this project and in all is the game should come first. The team and myself are all hardcore FPS players. We won't sacrifice anything that would feel bad. The first thing we actually decided as a team was that we want to bring back the feelings we had as gamers in ~1997, simple, but not overly simple, deep mechanics but not too complex.

We want it to be like the era of Quakeworld again. Most of our fondest memories are of the quakeworld/tribes era, how cool and fun it was, and how it was not a huge investment of time and complexity, easy to get into and play but hard to master."

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