BioWare Continues to Push Role-Playing Games and Unreal Engine 3 with Mass Effect 3

BioWare is changing the way players interact with virtual characters in the culmination of their Mass Effect trilogy. The Electronic Arts-owned game studio is utilizing Kinect for Xbox 360 to allow gamers to speak to characters within the game world as they journey through the new science fiction role-playing game.

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ritsuka6662549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I remember when Unreal Engine games were awesome games, but now, every shit have this engine with sharp blood and No normal shadow resolution..Its damn old.

for 2012 is an outdated engine.

Pandamobile2549d ago

No... Unreal 3 is currently one of the most advanced engines on the market. It's right up there with Frostbite 2 and CryEngine 3. Most devs haven't actually chosen to utilize its newer features yet.

--Onilink--2549d ago

i wont say its bad... because its certainly not, but no way in hell its up there with FB2 and CE3.

Just because those engines are limited on consoles means they dont have much more to give, just look at BF3 or Crysis 2 on Ultra settings+High Res Text+1080p on a PC...UE3 is nowhere near that good

closnyc2549d ago

bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha.....u serious? have you seen how mass effect 3 looks on their newer UE3 build? please dude...UE3 JUST started their dx11 support. When limited by consoles, its atrocious, on pc its a lot better but still no match for cryengine or frostbite. Specially, cryengine 2

_Aarix_2548d ago

Dude, have you even seen gears of war 3?

Knight_Cid2549d ago

they dont push role playing games at all. If anything there rpgs have gotten worse

jade empire, baldurs gate, kotor>mass effect, dragon age

ExPresident2549d ago

Gotta agree. Don't know if I'd say its an RPG in the true sense but meh w/e.

Moncole2549d ago

Jade Empire is the only Bioware game I like

I still need to try Baldures Gate

Kalowest2549d ago

Lol true, they've stopped pushing the RPG genre.

morganfell2549d ago

Maybe the title means they are trying to push it on customers...

urwifeminder2549d ago

Fell through the multiplayer demo last night seems i allways fall through maps in various games lol.

TreMillz2549d ago

wtf didnt bioware say they made a new engine for ME3?

Kalowest2549d ago

Nope its still the UE3 with tweaks.

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The story is too old to be commented.