Every Christmas Top 10 from the last 20 years

The Christmas gaming charts are a special thing. Not only are they a celebration of the festive season's out-of-control consumerism, but they also show us which of the titles released during the intense pre-Chrimbo gaming avalanche have most successfully grabbed the attention of the masses.

After all, it's the one time of the year when financial frivolity is king, when partners, friends and gene-pool sharing associates rush out to purchase the software-based gift that their gaming loved-one has been dropping unsubtle hints about since November.

Games Radar thought it'd be a nice Christmas Day diversion to look back at the Christmas week gaming top 10s of the last 20 years. Are you old enough to remember all the games in the 1987 top 10? How many single-format games have held the Christmas number one top spot? Which publisher has featured most prominently in the Christmas charts (Clue - begins in E and ends in A)?

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B Man4039d ago

I can't believe the first time I saw boobs on the big screen (Titanic) was also the year of one of my favorite games (FF7). Also I didn't realize FF7 and Goldeneye came out the same year. Man what a great year for games. You damn halo nerds *Still don't understant the series' popularity* better bow down to goldeneye... because without it you wouldn't have your damn halo.