Sony Fleshes out Details for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

GR - "Sony has just released the factsheet for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for the PlayStation 3. Still classified as a "working title" (that is, Thieves in Time may not be the name of the final game), Thieves in Time sees a return to the Sly Cooper franchise. Sanzaru Games is developing the title exclusively for the platform."

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FACTUAL evidence2543d ago

Please oh please, call it Sly cooper 4: thieves in time. Please add the 4 to make it feel official.

n4gisatroll2543d ago

I don't know if they took it out recently, but it was announced, Sly 4:Thieves in time. And quite honestly, if its not Sly 4, it might make me happier, since Sucker Punch isn't making it.

Mikhail2543d ago

Bring it on the Vita! This games, like Rayman, is what I feel more suitable to handhelds. Just my preference.