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Asura’s Wrath is such an unusually unique experience I don’t know whether to call it more of a game or an interactive anime or even who to really recommend it to.

While that might sound negative I can certainly say it isn’t bad, far from it, there is action and presentation values at work in Asura’s Wrath that make games like God of War look positively restrained in comparison. When you aren’t exploding planet sized bosses with a single punch you are throwing tank sized missiles at space craft or having a fight with a guy whose sword literally extends from one side of a planet to another after sending you flying off a moon. This is right before you have a relaxing chat with him while sitting in a hot spring that turns in to a mini game that I won’t spoil too much but it involves Sake and jiggle-physics and quite possibly one of the most funny quick time events I’ve ever seen in a game.

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