Is Japan's development scene doomed?

CVG visits the Japan Foundation, to find out...

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Knight_Cid2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


What I got out of it is the US, japan, and UK are all in pretty bad game shape.

But At least the game scene in japan is just as strong as the US, the UK, with retailers going under, games not even beign stocked, thats a worse time

And lets not forget the psp sold more in the US than it did in japan. People tend to overlook that

"But Endo highlighted something that mitigates against that: the biggest console platform in Japan at the moment is the PSP, which never found much of an audience in the rest of the world."

The 3ds begs to differ

360ICE2547d ago

Meanwhile, in the real world...

Knight_Cid2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

This is the real world. Alot of what they said is completely accurate. Casual games are just a big a problem in other regions as they are in japan. And since about june of last year the 3ds has been the number 1 system in japan, thats a fact

And he was right in saying in terms of total revenue the US is the biggest game market ( that doesnt mean best), japan is number 2, and UK is slipping from number 3.

Hell my most hyped games of the year in every region are from japan

Even just early this year in this region 13-2, devil survivor 2, residen evil revelations, tales of graces f, are the only things I am looking forward too

@ below

millions isnt barely

360ICE2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

It's not as much that I disagree with all that you're saying, as it is that a few of the things you're saying are just meaningless. PSP sold more in the North America than in Japan, BARELY. You have any idea of how different these two markets are in terms of overall demand?


And if we're going to talk about Japanese games VS western, we can't use you as a standard, because you are a fan of Japanese games(shot in the dark). The average game consumer isn't even a gamer.

The article I've got nothing against.

edit 2:
And millions is barely, when most consoles sell twice, three times, five times, or (take 360) twenty+ times as many consoles in USA as in Japan. Because it's a much bigger market with more people with more purchasing power. That is the real world.

hellvaguy2547d ago

The psp shud sell far more in the US than Japan considering Japan is smaller than the state of California.

ATi_Elite2546d ago

I didn't know they had one!

Oh wait they got Mario, Zelda, and Rapelay!

Everything i play is coming outta the U.S.A. or Europe. Korea has some hot titles but Japan is blah these days.......well for me that is.

ChrisW2546d ago

Rapelay is NOT the worst hentai game on the market! It's the name that only has a shock factor for Westerners. Seriously, each year there are about a hundred hentai games that are released... and a vast majority of them are only for the sub-humane species.

Panaru2547d ago

Oh, a computerandvideogames article. Hah.

GOGOGOHO2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Captain Qwark 92547d ago

2 words......FROM SOFTWARE....

GillHarrison2546d ago

Dark Souls is a masterpiece of game design. I'd love to see their next game continue to push innovative features.

Captain Qwark 92546d ago

ds is hands down the best game ive ever played. its one of those few games that you play that remind you of why you love gaming.

and their next game is armored core 5 and it looks amazing. ive been playing ac since the playstation days, one of my fav series.

also if you want another sweet game from them, go play 3d dot heroes

Alos882547d ago

In this economy we're lucky that the game industry in general is doing as well as it is, let alone Japan.

Knight_Cid2547d ago


And in reality casual gaming is an even bigger problem in the US.

Hell Looking at the japanese games Ive already imported this year

suikoden psp
shining blade psp
beyond the labrynth

and more coming in march

I am happy

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