Where WWE 12 Went So Wrong

WWE 12 does mediocre fan service to the genre but really falls down in some places.

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JohnnyMann4202544d ago

I clicked your article and all I saw was a bunch of complaining.

Some of the things you said made sense to me like Road To Wrestlemania being too heavily scripted, but to me the Universe Mode was the saving grace. After finishing RTW that is where you would continue to play anyways. It's a mix between GM mode and past modes and allows full customization of the roster, matches and everything.

The addition of all of the wrestlers along with their moves was done perfectly and the new grapple system is actually good. It is much better balanced for online play (when it works....)

While there is no GM mode you could easily do what you are looking to do in universe mode.

Personally '12 has it's issues and I know it isn't a perfect game but I see the changes they've made this year in the right direction. They need to fix Road to Wrestlemania and look back at how older titles did this(Especially WWE NO Mercy) because I preferred it.

I just think your article looked past the things that they did right and only focused on the few parts that could have been better.