Max Payne 3 producers risk lives for realism

Original Gamer: "Rockstar Games producer and voice of Grand Theft Auto Lazlow Jones paid a visit to his friends at the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio to talk about his latest travels, some politics, the death of comedian Patrice O’ Neal, and how a trip to San Paulo, Brazil for Max Payne 3 was one of his craziest adventures. What’s a producer of Max Payne 3 doing in San Paulo? Adding an extra layer of realism by recording San Paulo natives speaking Portuguese since this is the city where the game takes place."

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Hufandpuf2544d ago

They had to pay local gangs to get access? That's really interesting. It's things like this that wouldnt have ever been known hadn't he told it. More games should come with behind the scenes so we can see what the devs go through.

Solid_Snake372544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I'm brazilian and i found this very offensive

Wtf? Are they serious Sao Paulo is not a warzone! I really found this very offensive

armycore2544d ago

The story? Lazlow was just retelling what he went through.

Solid_Snake372544d ago

Yes, but the way he's telling makes it sound as if Sao Paulo is a freaking chaotic crap hole. I assure you Sao Paulo is not like that

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Persistantthug2544d ago

I just want you to point me to the nearest Brazilian nude beach.

Hufandpuf2544d ago

Unless uninformed people don't do research, they would think its a war zone. But I know a good amount about Sao Paulo. It's not a war zone, but the city has a high rate of kidnappings as does Rio Janeiro.

I only read the text, but did they say it was a war zone in the video interview?

humbleopinion2544d ago

Dude, come on...
Crime rate might be down, but Brazil is still considered a very dangerous country in relative terms:
You probably cant judge Sao Paulo as a whole because it has bigger population then some countries, but the favelas are probably not the friendliest of places - and they were talking about the favelas after all.

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Droid Control2544d ago

I heard Miyamoto spend two weeks in a sewer researching Mario Bros.

armycore2544d ago

I wonder if there was a trail of dead turtles in his research.

Droid Control2544d ago

No turtles were harmed in development of Mario Bros.