New Ferrari Challenge screenshots and trailer

Koch Media has released a batch of new screenshots from the PS3 and Wii versions of Ferrari Challenge along with a new trailer and some concept images.

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resistance1004040d ago

See if Gt5:P didn't have ferrari's in i would pick this up in an instant, however now i may wait until later in year when its alot cheaper

White-Sharingan4040d ago

Why make a PS3/Wii game only? oO

thats like adding oil with water, two completely different systems. I would of understood if it was a JRPG but come on, a Racing game?

The 360 controller is perfect for racing games(and shooters) (Ps3 for fighting, action adventure games)

Should of been Wii/PS3/360 or just 360/PS3, heck or just Wii or PS3 or 360 xD

anyways this will be interesting to see

(wikipedia says there is a PSP/DS version? is it true?

MaximusPrime4040d ago

PS3 is the best console for racing, RPG, fight-'em-up.
Xbox 360 is best for shoot-'em-up.

I prefer using PS3 controller for racing and xbox 360 controller is best for shoot-'em-up.

Im surprised that this game will not released for xbox 360.

Kleptic4040d ago

obviously that is very subjective...I prefer the PS controllers over everything else since the dualshock 1...even for fps games...and that is simply because I became so used to it since the PS1...the Xbox 1's original egg was a disgrace to controllers everywhere imo...and the smaller version was only slightly better...the 360's controller is definitely one of the better controllers I have ever used...but the offset analog sticks have always made me crazy...some people love it...obviously using side by side analogs for the past 10 years has made me partial to that setup...

and the 360 best for driving?...most people, at least that I know, still use a directional pad for the most precise "blip" turning...and the 360 controller pretty much has the most failed directional pad of any controller of all time...

but do you two understand how funny it sounds when you "tell each other" which controller is better for what?...that is 100% opinion...

Jamaicangmr4040d ago

Never really like these single manufacturers racers so i gotta keep a close eye on this one to see how it turns out first. The Graphics look ok though so its headed in the right direction.

Oh yeah @ White-Sharingan the Playstation controller is simply the best for racers.

Blademask4040d ago

I'll get this one, and put it next to "CORVETTE" anyone remember that game?

bad.. bad.. game.

Doppy4040d ago

Corvette was god awful. I believe it was bundeled in with 2 other games, Ford Racing and Super Truck. No matter how bad Corvette was it could never match the awfulness of Super Truck Racing.

FunkYellowMonkey4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

This game is a joke - it's too little too late. A game featuring Ferrari's (Ferrari 355 challenge) has been done and dusted by SEGA a while ago. Like previous said poster, racingames now days require alot of diversity, its just boring racing teh same setype of cars going round and round your standard circuit tracks!

All you need is just Gran Turismo 5, it has the cars, the looks, the sounds and even crash damage and real-time weather effects will be implemented in the full version of GT5! It rules all racing games of this genre as it has tied-in with the most popular motorshow on earth (TOP GEAR!) :)

Right i'm off to play some GT5P online!


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