Trying World of Warcraft and Counter Strike 1.6 on Windows 8

Eh, runs pretty nicely.

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bobrea2543d ago

Yea, those games would run pretty nicely on a toaster at this point.

ATi_Elite2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

playing HL2 on my refrigerator as i type this!!

ATi_Elite2543d ago

you think he would of tried something complicated like BF3 or Metro 2033! j/k

i know it's a Slate! Pretty good for a slate and there is a ton of good F2P games with low system requirements to play on that thing.

wallis2543d ago

For any other product or company a PR piece wouldn't be needed to say that their new product isn't worse than their old one. And only for this particular product and company could that very PR piece fail at its simple task.

Hufandpuf2543d ago

Who else is underwhelmed by W8?