"Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath" Demo Only for Xbox 360

WorthPlaying reports that in a recent community Q&A with EA Los Angeles, the Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath developers revealed there will be no PC demo, only an X360 demo on Xbox Live. (December 25, 2007)

Note: The community Q&A is in German.

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fredy4045d ago

with this suprises here.

PS3 gets like 1 demo every 4 months or something like that.

Playing catchup can be a b#$%H.

xsteinbachx4045d ago

yah i'm thinking the same thing.

Fighter4044d ago

PS3 gets many demos a month and you don't have to pay to play online. Bad news for 360 owners without a Gold service, they will have to wait a few days because MS wants to treat them like sh!t for not giving them money.

hamburgerhill4044d ago

Yeah fredy what does this topic have to do with PS3 and why start already? This is good news and the demo's always help me decide on wether a game is worth my time to purchase or rent.

WilliamRLBaker4044d ago

Xbox live gets like what 5 demos every 2 weeks or more...and even though the added week for silver members they sTILL get more demos and more stuff to play with then psn ever has.
lol its pretty sad that your service being free is proven every day in the fact your downloads suck there isn't much of any thing to do, and even though its fre you only had 3 million users compared to the pay service xbox live that has like 8-9 million unique

Oh and then theres the fact that even through your service is free and you had dedicated servers there are still blips of lag from users on that service.
good luck in a few years when UT3 no longer has dedicated servers by epic cause they dont wana brunt the cash for it.

JsonHenry4044d ago

It has been there done what with this game? The first demo for CnC3 came out for the PC first, then the xbox.

The reason that there is a demo for the 360 and not the Pc is that Kane's Wrath is an expansion for the PC- but a whole stand alone product for the 360.

Snukadaman4044d ago

is like being a ps3 got too wait awhile for demos..big deal.

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Noodlecup4044d ago

PS3 gets the same demos pretty much every week without fail and without the RRoD. As if many PS3 owners care about this game anyway, if you want a stupid macho skinheads console with military shooters aplenty then you need a 360 not a PS3.

mintaro4044d ago

what does rrod have to do with demos and online service?

led10904044d ago

the pc version alone sold more than a million by the end of may its the 360 sales they r trying to improve over here

Bladestar4044d ago

lol... where are you getting these figures from? care to provide some links or you are performing a Sony fanboy best Magic act; "Pull number out of your @$$"?

MMX10314044d ago

Whoever posted this is an idiot. There is NO demo for the 360, but there is one for PC. The line they got this from was mistranslated. Roughly it translates to "For PC, but for the XBOX 360 a demo is not planned." Obviously someone got it mixed up in their head or something. It says for the XBOX 360 a demo is NOT planned. Fix this please.

Snukadaman4044d ago

But you are correct..theres no demo up still...i read the article and it plainly says a xbox only demo. maybe you need it translated comrade?

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