One Piece Pirate Musou First Day Shipments Reach 650,000 in Japan

One Piece Pirate Musou (PS3) has launched in Japan and according to Namco Bandai first day shipments reached 650,000 units. This a new record for the One Piece franchise and would make it one of the biggest launches in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and the biggest launch in 2012 to date.

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disturbing_flame2546d ago

Namco now knows that they can do pretty solid business with PS3, by developing exclusives games on Sony's platform they did pretty good scores these months : new Tales of, now this one.

Japanese developers can realize great scores on PS3. Square didn't release too much exclusives on PS3, this can makes them think they can do it.

Now it's time for Sony not to do the same mistake they did with Demon Soul and release this game worldwide and not only in Japan.

And hurry up for NinoKuni too !

yokokoroma2545d ago

I predicted the game would do something incredible, and this is only the start. However, it should be noted, that some of those numbers are from gamers outside of Japan. (i.e. imports)

ThanatosDMC2545d ago

I want this game with full Japanese voices with english subs.