10 PS3 Games In 2013

Play Mag: What PS3 games will you be playing in 2013?

We’ve not even made it a quarter of the way into 2012 but we’re still going to look forward to what lies beyond the drunken haze of the next New Year’s Day party.

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acemonkey2545d ago

some of them games come out this year

Relientk772544d ago

Unfornately I have to say Ni no Kuni because I dont think it will be seeing a 2012 release, from what I hear :-(

Knight_Cid2544d ago

that list is wrong

fyi nino kuni is releasing on the ps3 this year in the US

Slient Knight 92544d ago

True, but for the UK we don't get til next year which sucks but on the bright side at least, i already know 1 game i'll be getting in 2013.

Knight_Cid2544d ago

thats because 5 languages are included

TheUnbiasedLion2544d ago

Ps3 is multi region just import it that's what I am thinking of doing since I am impatient and that's no good when you live in the UK

SonyStyled2544d ago

i would imagine ill be playing kz4 sometime in 2013. wait nevermind, the end of the world is in 2012

SquidBuck2544d ago

AGENT!!! I've been waiting a long time for that game. It is posted on Rockstar's site as still in development. I hope its re-announced soon.

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