Asura’s Wrath- Review-Gamingsquid

These days gaming industry is filled with similar games, they might be from different developers or might feature enhanced graphic engines, but they all share a common aspect, a similar and recycled idea. But let me tell you something about Asura’s Wrath, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever played. It’s more like an interactive anime, giving a more detailed insight to the characters and their lives. It comes with the story that’s simply amazing and one of the best written piece of work in the gaming industry these days. The story is extremely close to the standards of a movie and startles away from being the story of a game.

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dc12542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Not a bad review .
I'm loving the game. Extremely good from an over the top fun perspective. Really glad I picked it up and ...can't wait for the DLC!

By the way....Japanese audio never hurts!