First Tales of Vesperia trailer

Here is the first trailer of the new episode of the Tales Of... series named Tales of Vesperia. Since it's a 720p video it's clearly not a Wii game, but no platform has been announced.

The source of the game's page on Namco's site had some interesting indications, since it had Xbox 360 listed in the keywords. Not an official confirmation, but still something.

From IGN's first look: "While Bandai Namco did announce that Kousuke Fujishima and Production I.G. would be contributing to the Vesperia Project, the trailer reveals another member of the development staff: Yoshito Higuchi. The director of Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Abyss, Higuchi is serving as producer and chief director on the new game."

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Zhuk4046d ago

This is fantastic news for Xbox 360 owners everywhere, this will undoubtedly be another AAA title to add to the Xbox 360s unbeatable library

PirateThom4045d ago

You know, I hope it is.

Then it can flop like Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyseey...

Impact4045d ago

every single comment you post, lacks any intelligence what so ever.

WilliamRLBaker4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

compared to all the ps3 games that have both flopped in scores and sales...where as the 2 games you mentioned flopped only in sales and not scores, oh and the fact lost od isn't even out in europe or america yet that i knew...
wish i could disagree with facts, nearly every ps3 game has flopped in scores and sales, where as teh 360? nope it has great game scores and sales, and the 2 games you mentioned only flopped in sales and not scores.

KidMakeshift4045d ago

I miss Tales old 2d fighting system. The 3d system isn't as unique nor engaging to me

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InMyOpinion4046d ago

Excellent news! I wonder if it's multiplat or 360 exclusive? No matter what it looks like it's running on the same engine as Chopins dream, which is awesome!

CrazzyMan4046d ago

I am sure, Sony will secure this game as PS3 exclusive, great!

Gamefan124045d ago

and I am looking froward to this game. Zhuk you make me laugh with all your pointless comments. Keep it up

Kain814045d ago

this is flase, couse the title is not Tales of Vesperia, and tales of Innocence(in the source) is a DS Game.
In the Release list from Namco there are only one RPG and this is only For PS3. So i think this game make it way to PS3

PirateThom4045d ago

The Japanese beside "Tales of Innocence" reads Tales of Verperia.

Kain814045d ago

The game was announced in Japan (Jump Festa)as Tales of Vesperia not as Innocence (so nothing with beside japan).
And i´am a Huge Tales fan, and i must know it
Tales of Innocence is a DS game
Tales of Vesperia ?????
Tales of vesperia has nothing to do with Innocence

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The story is too old to be commented.