Is Dragon’s Dogma Capcom’s Answer To Skyrim?

Kotaku: When news first broke of the game, I had assumed it was just a fantasy-based Resident Evil or Devil May Cry, but after a little close encounter with the demo provided at the event, a new truth about the game was revealed: Dragon's Dogma is, in a way, a Japanese take on the Elder Scrolls series.

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jc485732547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

More like answer to Western Rpgs in general. The very reason why I haven't picked up Skyrim or Bioware games just because of this game. I'm not saying Dragon's Dogma is better, but if I had to pick one, I think this would do for me. It's like looking for the right gf.

phantomexe2546d ago

lol it's all the same man some just smells better then others..... no what i mean. I think i'll get it to.

Rowland2547d ago

This appears very promising - by all accounts it sounds like the Japanese devs have done their homework by researching what makes a great western rpg from the likes of Witcher/Elder Scrolls/Fallout/Dark Souls.

Would be great if Bioware could extricate themselves from EA and do the same.

Huarle2547d ago

Except that the devs and Capcom don't call it a RPG at all.

kraze072547d ago

Dragon's Dogma looks interesting and I'll probably be picking it up but please, lets not start comparing every new fantasy rpg to skyrim.

JoeSchmoh2546d ago

Right, comparing everything to a game out the west. Who cares? A game either sucks or it's raw..who cares where it came from.

phantomexe2547d ago

Did capcom need and answer to skyrim? I think i'm going preorder this. It looks good and it's a new IP which seems rare anymore.

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