Sony Removes Motorstorm Arctic Edge from PS Store Following PS Vita Exploit

Sony has yanked PSP title Motorstorm Arctic Edge from the PlayStation Store following an announcement from homebrew developer wololo that said game was vulnerable to a savegame exploit, which allows Vita users to run homebrew code through the built-in PSP emulator. It’s worth noting that this is based on the same exploit showcased by teck4 not long after the Vita launch. To date, it still has not been patched through firmware.

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-Mika-2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Omg yes. Sony found out the game that was a risk to the vita. Good job sony. Now the vita should be safe for now.

360GamerFG2545d ago

Wow. This comment is just plastered with such ass kissery it is actually sad. SONY didn't find out jack, the guy announced which game it was. VITA is by no means safe lol.

rezzah2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

True, but they still found out in the end.

Edit: Forgot to add, if they didn't find out anything then they would have known nothing. Meaning this article wouldn't be here.

So Sony did find out the problem and which game it was, regardless of being told or not.

THESONYPS32544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Everything is under control here at SONY now ;)

FriedGoat2544d ago

Sony is safe, they can't do anything outside the emu anyway. It's not even a big deal.

SilentNegotiator2544d ago

So, are we supposed to say according to you?

"Screw you, Sony! How dare you remove a game until it can be patched to avoid exploits on your young system that doesn't need to be hit by piracy yet!"

.....Is that better?

Of course they're going to found out about an exploit THROUGH someone. It's an exploit. You don't just FIND exploits. You figure them out.

The Vita is safER with Arctic Edge down for now.

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Arnagrim2545d ago

I'm glad Sony is keeping tabs on what's going on in the hacking/homebrew scene so they can mitigate any damage.

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coolasj2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Seriously, how difficult is it make Save Game Exploits not possible? They seem to be very common.

Also, if you guys would read the articles.

"Also keep in mind that VHBL gives you no iso, no special access to the Vita hardware, just a limited PSP homebrew experience on your vita."

Minimal harm done.

Jobesy2544d ago

"Seriously, how difficult is it make Save Game Exploits not possible?"

Coding the save game is probably one of those small things they give to rookie programmers. It's a backdoor that seems to get often overlooked in a lot of games.

pucpop2544d ago

vita would be great for mame, hurry up and deliver

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