TNL Developer Spotlight: Treasure

In the days of shooters and platformers, when games on consoles fired and leapt solely within the confines of 2D, a group of workers at the powerful company of Konami wanted to do something different. Not different in terms of genre but in way of design and execution.

Masato Maegawa wanted to start his own development company, and so - together with other Konami employees who were tired of passing off rehashes as sequels – quit in April 1992 and a couple months later formed the company known as Treasure.

Their goals were to make excellent games and to avoid making sequels unless they could improve the original formula enough that it should be worthy of being labeled as such. Unlike many companies who share that very same mindset, Treasure actually manages to consistently pull it off, all the while generally overrun by odd, quirky ideas that have no guarantee to sell.

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