The 10: Life Lessons I Learned from Games

Luca writes:

"I was around 4 years old when I started playing at the local arcade. No, it wasn’t so far back that Pac-Man was all the rage, but close. All added up, you can safely say I have been playing video games for roughly 25 years. According to my exes and my parents, I have wasted 25 years of my life “stuck to that Atari thing”, and any reason I have conjured up to justify all these hours spent at gaming has sounded like nothing but a lousy excuse.

And then comes at time when you think. It’s likely while sitting on the toilet or taking a shower. You think back and realize that all these years of gaming have taught you a lesson or two that you have inadvertently applied in life, be it in your personal relationships, your job, or just finding your way in a new city."

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Good article! I've bookmarked the site. :)

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Glad you like it! We'll be bringing more of The 10s every Monday and Thursday!

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