Family kills home invasion PlayStation robber

In Concord, California, police believe that it was a dispute between neighbors over a PlayStation that led to the deaths of a 17-year-old girl and a 22-year-old robbery suspect.

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LinuxGuru4585d ago

Ok this is absolutely pathetic. I forbid the rest of the gaming community to approve this horsesh!t.

MaximusPrime4585d ago

news like this is sometimes appropriate for N4G.

One thing that puzzled me is which Playstation is it? Whoever submitted this news uses PS3. Pathetic.

Genuine4584d ago

Well, if it was a PS1 or PS2, then this story is more of a tragedy than I originally thought.

socsca4584d ago

Because a PS3 would justify two deaths a tad bit more? Its still a TOY, yes, a TOY, and however expensive it may seem to some people it does not come close to the value of a human life, or two.

FS, this is horrible. Two deaths, the lifes of two families destroyed because some moronic kids wanted to get some cool stuff.

killax35634584d ago

He wanted the hottest new Chinese rip-off import.

BLuKhaos4584d ago

I agree but sometimes There are people that deserve to die like pedophiles,drug dealers selling their merchandise to little kids,mass murderers,you know "trash" not some punks that are too poor/greedy/lazy to get their own stuff.

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Fighter4585d ago

Once again another story of a gun loving American who kills innocent victims for the stupidest reason.

socomnick4585d ago

A armed robber held up a family and told them to load all the electronics into his car he shot the 17 girl thats when the girls 2 brothers jumped on him and strangled him to death. I just wish that the family might of had a gun of themselves maybe they could have shot the robber before he came in to the house.

Kulupoo4585d ago

^ I wish the robber dont get the gun in first place

LeonSKennedy4Life4584d ago

Did it ever occur to you that it might be um...TOO FRICKIN' LATE to take firearms away from citizens? I hate to break it to you, but it's better to have the protection now...

When you can start time-traveling...let the rest of us who think straight KNOW!!!

Bolts4584d ago

Its not like crime and homicide doesn't exist in coutries without guns. You can't even own a gun in China yet they kill each other by the truckloads over there. Must be all that kungfu huh? Idiots.

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gamesR4fun4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

Man can the US get any crazier? Still glad the guy got killed by her brothers shooting that girl over a game machine wth

Nevers4584d ago

we can... scary ain't it?

Darkiewonder4585d ago

that's linked with gaming it's over someone robbing a playstation system. are they like cheap to afford one? ;3

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