How to Improve the PS Vita's Software

With state of the art specs and gameplay experiences that rival the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita is the most advanced gaming handheld on the market, which begs the question: why is its operating system so slow and unintuitive? Here are a few simple solutions that would greatly improve the PS Vita software.

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Sithlord-Gamble2544d ago

I agree with almost all your points.

They also need to include some other features too:

A "group delete" function for ur inbox messages instead of having to delete each individual response in a convo.

Better PS3 integration: Why do my friends icons show them offline and their avatar just spins instead of loading when they r on their vita?! Also, i should be able to see their trophys and what game theyre playing from my ps3.

Other than that, thats all i can think of off the top of my head (im sure there r others) ...

PS. The vita is awesome-sauce! I love it