Trying To Sell The PlayStation Vita To Old People

Sony PlayStation New Zealand along with NZ comedian Ben Boyce, have released a humorous video of Ben trying to pitch the PlayStation Vita to a bunch of old people.

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jthamind2547d ago

not sure their retirement checks can afford those memory card prices.

rezzah2547d ago

Then there would be no point in owning a Vita.

BitbyDeath2547d ago

If old people could buy memory they would, no matter the price.

tiffac0082547d ago

Lol! I don't think that's the right age demographic ^^;

cpayne932547d ago

This actually makes me wonder what it will be like when we grow old. There aren't exactly a lot of "old" hardcore gamers, but there will be when we get old because we grew up with them.

Zero232547d ago

why is the video not working?

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